The World’s Fastest GT-R

HKS Hipermax Nissan GTR
Re-shared from Speedhunters, Text and Photography by Dino Dalle Carbonare.

This is HKS’s time attack GT-R and it’s currently the fastest R35 to ever lap circuits like Fuji Speedway and Sydney Motorsport Park. It’s quite an interesting creation in that it has reached these accolades without much use of aero – something that over the last few years has completely taken over the time attack scene at both a pro and amateur level. Could the car go faster if it had a dedicated aerodynamically-sculpted exterior? Most definitely. It would probably go much faster…

But that’s besides the point. HKS is a company that specialises in making engine and tuning parts, and therefore its demo cars must first and foremost show what these components are capable of. Downforce doesn’t enter the equation – it’s all about raw power, and when it comes to this R35 – quite a lot of it. (more…)

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Amazing Local Junkyard

Re-shared from Jalopnik, Text and Photography by David Tracy.

Don’t be afraid of junkyards. They’re loads of fun, filled with cheap parts, and offer some of the greatest wrenchin’ you can find in this great nation of ours. Come check out an awesome junkyard with us and we’ll show you the ropes.

I really like being around cars. So naturally, I’m a big fan of car shows. Around Detroit, where I live, there are tons of great shows every weekend. The cars are all shiny, clean, and generally not infested with diseases or varmints. It’s great.

But you know what I like more than car shows? Junkyards. Because, in a way, junkyards are the ultimate car shows. You not only get to look at cars, but you can sit in them, and, most importantly, wrench on them. Not to mention, you can learn a lot about the cars’ previous owners by the strange corpses you find buried in the trunk.

First, I’ll outline the steps you need to take to make junkyarding a good experience. (more…)

What an $8,500 Porsche 996 Really Costs

Porsche 996 911
Re-shared from The Truth About Cars, Text by Yoav Gilad.

About two months ago, I purchased my fourth new-to-me car in as many years — and I still had two of the previous three. Of those three, one was purchased for adventure (a 1977 Porsche 911S that I drove cross-country and back nine days after purchasing it), one because of nostalgia (a Honda S2000, I bought one new and missed it), and the third due to reputation (an Acura NSX, I had never even driven one before buying this one online). Those reasons must be the foundation for some sort of automotive cardinal sins list.

However, I bought the fourth one because it represented such a good value. It was a 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera with about 146,000 miles. It hadn’t had the IMS bearing replaced, but I figured that with such high mileage it probably wouldn’t have an issue. Is this foreshadowing? The seller was a friend who had owned it for about two years but had purchased a mid-eighties 911 Targa recently and didn’t want the ’99 as a daily driver any longer.

Painted a pretty medium blue, the 996 was equipped with a beige interior and GT3 wheels. It drove well and — except for mediocre clearcoat and worn leather, a ‘check engine’ light that appeared intermittently, and a blown speaker — it was a solid performer. I certainly didn’t need the Porsche (nor did I have the space), but at $8,500, how could I go wrong? (more…)

How V8 Engines Made Enemies in the 1970s

1975 Camaro
Re-shared from Road & Track, Text by Mr Regular.

You’re in Creative Writing I at a moderately priced State College Degree-Mill. You’re a Computer Science major who is required to take an English class so the college can extrude more money from you or your parents or the GI Bill. Whatever. It’s an easy A as long as you echo your professor’s opinions back to him in your papers.

But your 41-year-old, VW Jetta-driving, weak-handshaking, sarcasm-slinging professor, Dr. Recuahc, just made it hard. Can you believe this? Here’s your assignment:

“You are to examine an artifact from your childhood and explore its transformative properties which influenced your growth as an individual and cultural critic in a post 9/11 world.”

Translation: Write about something you liked when you were 10.

You want to write about your dad’s 1975 Camaro. You know enough about that machine to fill three pages double-spaced in less time than it takes to microwave popcorn and set off the dorm’s fire alarm. There’s a problem with your topic. Dr. Recuahc doesn’t like it.

Your professor says “That subject doesn’t fit the parameters of the assignment rubric.”

You counter and say “But it played a big part in my life.”

“That’s immaterial, you need a subject that morphs though the events of 2001 and has new meaning for you,” says Dr. Recuahc.

“My dad still drives it.”

“Good for him, bad for the environment. All V8’s should be banned. Find a new topic,” snaps Dr. Recuahc. He looks away when he says this, remembering something from his youth that you unknowingly touched.

I’m pausing this story right here and we’re going to examine Dr. Recuahc and the 1975 Camaro and discover the reason why your creative writing professor hates V8’s. (more…)

Former Top Gear Presenters To Appear On A New Car Show On Amazon Prime

James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond

Amazon just announced this morning that former Top Gear presentersJames May, Jeremy Clarkson, andRichard Hammond will appear in a new car show, exclusively available on Amazon Prime. It is unknown whether this new show has a name at this time, however the new show will be available in 2016. In the past, with Top Gear on BBC, their new episodes were shown in Europe and then later released elsewhere. With this new show being on Amazon Prime, American audiences will be capable of watching the show as soon as it’s released.

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe: Race Organizer Review

Alfa Romeo 4C
Re-shared from Autoweek, Text and Photography by Murilee Martin.

“Comfort? Visibility? Get a Camry like the rest of the living dead!”

The race series that employs me, the 24 Hours of LeMons, is now in its busiest part of the year, and that means I don’t always have time to drive something suitable for a Race Organizer Review to every event. A couple of weeks ago, I opted for a rental Chrysler 200 at the Pacific Northworst race, but before that I took a blindingly orange-and-white Fiat 500e to San Francisco for some LeMons administrative meetings. Why not follow up a silly-looking yet oddly practical Italian car with an Italian car that makes no sense? Last weekend, I picked up a Rosso Competizione Alfa Romeo 4C at Midway Airport and drove it to the Autobahn Country Club for the 2015 Doin’ Time In Joliet 24 Hours of LeMons.

My introduction to the 4C involved checking off many items from its long list of weak points: fitting my luggage in the car, climbing in and out of the car multiple times while rearranging everything, driving on rough Chicago streets and then in afternoon rush hour stop-and-go traffic. My Autoweek colleagues have acknowledged some of these weak points, but started their 4C experiences with activities at which the 4C excels.

All of this got me to thinking about the Cool-to-Sensible Spectrum. (more…)

Vintage Racing at Pendine Sands | Photography of Bastian Glaessner

Vintage hot rods waiting to race on the sandy beach.

Re-shared from The Selvedge Yard, Text by Jon Patrick, Photography by Bastian Glaessner.
Warning, some images in the sidebar of this article may be slightly NSFW

Photographer Bastian Glaessner shot these incredibly cool pics of vintage hot rod racing at the legendary Pendine Sands. His eye and unique style has created a strong signature that feels rich and nostalgic. The images are so stunning, I could stare at these all day… (more…)