IndyCar Motorcade Across Golden Gate Bridge Honors Fallen Driver Justin Wilson

IndyCar driving over the Golden Gate bridge
Re-shared from Jalopnik’s Black Flag, Text by Patrick George. Photography credit AP.

As the drivers of IndyCar prepare for their season-closing race at Sonoma Raceway, they likely do so with heavy hearts following the crash that claimed the life of Justin Wilson. So to honor him, they drove his car and their own across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge ahead of this race weekend. (more…)

Alex Roy’s Morgan 3-Wheeler: So Wrong Yet So Right

Video by The Smoking Tire

This new video by Matt Farah from the Smoking Tire is probably filled with more laughter than any single One Take video we’ve seen from him so far. In the video, he takes Alex Roy’s Morgan 3-Wheeler up and down Angeles Crest Highway in one take (hence the name) giving his impressions of the Morgan along the way. As noted in the video, this car has a lot of drawbacks including the need for a helmet, it having exhaust pipes that can burn you, a huge lack of practicality, among many others. Despite all of this, Matt Farah says that it makes him feel like the Great Gatsby and that he thinks it’s the greatest car ever made. He can’t seem to say enough good things about it. Push play and let the laughter begin.

Emory Motorsports Custom Porsche 356s – Jay Leno’s Garage

Video by Jay Leno’s Garage

In this video, Jay checks out two of Emory Motorsports’ custom 356 Porsches. This is the shop which originated the term “outlaw Porsche.” Rod Emory goes through in detail what makes a Porsche an Emory Outlaw versus an Emory Special. Emory has taken various details from factory race cars of the past and applied them to street cars. There are a slew of subtle details that transform each car. Many are not immediately noticeable unless you’ve been studying vintage Porsches for some time. (more…)

Hammer Time: Is Scion The New Geo?

Re-shared from The Truth About Cars. Text by Steven Lang.

Imagine if you will.

The world’s largest and most consistently successful automaker is in deep trouble. Not because of profits, but because of products.

They build a small car… and a small army of overseas competitors blow it away.

They build a bigger vehicle, and another, and yet another. They build so many models with so many names and variations that they wind up cannibalizing their own products. Every time this happens, they lose sales and more alarmingly, their youngest customers no longer see their products as fashionable.

Every year it gets worse. Then the corporate mothership, which has cost cut their way into the rear view mirror of most of their future customers, comes up with a brilliant marketing idea.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em — at least for right now. (more…)

Craigslist: 1961 Rat Rod Death Trap

Three quarter front view of Chevy Corvair
Text by Bryce Womeldurf

When I heard that an acquaintance of mine was considering getting rid of his Corvair, as much as I hope he ends up keeping it, I couldn’t help but share this sweet and well priced Chevy Corvair. It’s a funny and well written ad, so there’s not much for me to add here. The seller starts off with “This car is pretty sweet. It’s got no A/C, wipers run on fast only, and the doors don’t lock. It’s a bit rusty like the Sahara is a bit hot. But it turns heads and drops panties.” It only gets better from there. Hat tip to Chris, who found this on the local Craigslist. (more…)

Turbo BMW V8 & Skyline GT-R Drivetrain: 750 HP Volvo Amazon

Volvo Amazon
[Holy cow, look what B.A.T. found! This thing is insane! Probably one of the most interesting street-legal builds that I’ve seen in a while. – Bryce Womeldurf]

Re-shared from Bring A Trailer.

This Volvo Amazon retains very little of the donor car except for the roof and a few other body pieces. Running a full custom tube frame, power comes from a turbocharged, 750 HP BMW V8 running through an R32 chassis Nissan Skyline GT-R AWD driveline–notably, power can be routed 50/50 front rear or 100% to the back at the touch of a button. Find it here on Blocket in Mölndal, Sweden for 349k SKR (~$41k USD today). Special thanks to BaT reader Tobias K. for this submission. (more…)

When cars talked using tiny phonograph records: Nissan’s Voice Warning system

Re-shared from Autoweek. Text and Photography by Murilee Martin.

When I hit the junkyard, one thing I always look for is any 1981-1984 Datsun/Nissan Maxima, 200SX, or Z-car. That’s because many of those cars came with Nissan’s patented Voice Warning system, a feature that gave the car a breathy female voice to tell the driver about open doors, low fuel level, and other areas of concern. Just this month, I found an ’84 Nissan Maxima in a California self-serve yard and I grabbed the Voice Warning box for my collection. Why do that? Because this system used an ingenious miniature phonograph record and all-analog control circuitry to make Nissans talk, and it’s one of the coolest pieces of hardware you can find in a junkyard. (more…)