Lamborghini’s Founder was a Man Obsessed with Purposeful Perfection

Ferruccio Lamborghini

Re-shared from Petrolicious, text by Ryan Connolly

Ferruccio Lamborghini was a blue-collar visionary, the type of man who all Petrolisti aspire to be. He built fast cars, made a bunch of money, and never even needed to incur a dime of student loan debt to do so. I kid, I kid. Ferruccio Lamborghini’s lasting legacy stems from his work as a supercar builder, but despite his name adorning the rumps of Miuras and Aventadors from Bogota to Beijing, Lamborghini Automobili was simply the cherry on top of Ferruccio’s empire. (more…)

The Hooniversal Opinion: A Conventional Geneva 2015

Re-shared from Hooniverse, text by Bradley Brownell, Eric Rood, Greg Kachadurian, Tim Odell, Kamil Kaluski, Jeff Glucker, and myself.

[Ed Note – This was a fun piece to contribute to this week. A collection of Hooniversal opinions on the cars unveiled at this week’s Geneva International Motor Show]

Geneva is an interesting auto show. There is always something really important launching there, and this year is no different. For some reason, it always seems like the major European sports car manufacturers choose Geneva to display their ‘exciting’ offerings. Unfortunately, none of the elegant scribes from our hallowed halls will be in attendance of the Geneva show, so we’ll be reporting from the sidelines. I’ll set up the pins, and the rest of our faultless crew will knock them down with unstoppable bowling ball of opinionated journalism.

We have new car launches in the form of Mercedes’ AMG GT3 racer, Audi’s R8, Porsche’s Cayman GT4 and 911 GT3 RS, Lamborghini’s Aventador Superveloce, Morgan’s Aero 8, Jeep’s Renegade ‘Hard Steel’, Range Rover’s Evoque Cabriolet, McLaren’s 675LT and P1 GTR, Brabus’ Rocket 900, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus’ SCG 003, Koenigsegg’s Agera RS and Regera, and Aston Martin’s Vulcan and V12 Vantage GT3. There are also some pretty tempting concept pieces, with Infiniti dropping the small QX30 Concept, Bentley’s EXP 10 Speed 6, Volkswagen’s Sport Coupe GTE, Lexus’ LF-SA, and Magna Steyr’s MILA.

Photographs are either manufacturer supplied, or politely swiped from the hands of our friends at Autoblog and Autoweek. (more…)

The Genius Behind Earth’s Most Extreme Cars Describes His Life’s Purpose

Re-shared from Jalopnik, text by Travis Okulski, video by Koenigsegg Sweden

In the last few years, Christian von Koenigsegg has gone from relative obscurity to a leader in supercar innovations. But even though his company has become more well known, many don’t know what a Koenigsegg is. Well, basically, the company is Christian’s life. (more…)

Watch the Lamborghini Aventador SV be unveiled in Geneva

The Aventador has slimmed down and bulked up with the use of carbon fiber and additional power, in the form of the new SuperVeloce. Weight reduction and magnetorheological shocks will definitely mean a faster, even more giggle-inducing Lamborghini, but possibly a more precise handler as well.

Rare Hand-Made Porsche-Built Mercedes-Benz E500 Spotted on the Way To Work

Mercedes -Benz E500

Pardon my A-pillar.

Normally, I’m not much of a follower of German sedans, but I know well enough to think that flared fenders on a factory body might mean something special. Exactly what, I wasn’t sure, but the flares and “E500″ badge, which sounded familiar from what some friends may have mentioned before, caught my interest enough to grab a quick photo of it before the light turned green and the Smoke Silver sedan disappeared into the city.  (more…)