Power Squats and Power Bulges at Auto Collections Las Vegas

1967 California SpyderI had heard that Auto Collections was Las Vegas’ premiere place to go if you want to buy, or just look at, vintage steel. I went two weeks ago, while on vacation, and ended up stretching, squatting, and leaning myself through 300+ photo shots. Here are a few of my favorites.

This all started with my wife taking a business trip out to Vegas. She was going for a conference, so I thought it would be a good chance to see Auto Collections that I had heard of through Maxichamp’s blog, when I saw it on Jalopnik. I had planned to rent a Lotus Elise during the trip as well, but my Volkswagen needed tires, so that was the end of that idea. Of course, the trip was not without enjoyment. I didn’t know what to do for the first couple of days because despite my love for video games, I’ve never had much interest in sitting and pushing a button repeatedly to gamble. So, on Thursday, I made my way over to the Imperial Palace hotel and casino, up to the 5th floor to view this Auto Collection I had heard so much about. For the full Flickr gallery, including shots not posted here, go here.

When I first came in there was one of a kind red 1937 Mercedes 540K Mayfair Special Roadster. It was huge and supposedly a one of a kind, but otherwise not that interesting to me. Turning around, I found myself face to face with the 1987 Buick GNX that I’d seen online, as well as a 1968 Toyota Corona. You know, looking through this collection, it became apparent to me that I view cars in the same way that I appreciate art. I appreciate that big one of a kind Mercedes (which can be seen in the Flickr gallery, by the way), but what really interests me, as in the art world, is mostly what has happened in the last 50-60 years.

1968 Corona

Along the way, I also realized that I started looking at the European cars more and more, which I haven’t really had much interest in, in the past. But, with vintage Porsches, Ferraris, and Jaaaaags staring you right in the face, how can you not fall for these cars?

1961 Porsche 356
1961 Jaguar E-Type
E-Type rear
1956 Jaguar D-Type
1961 XKE LeMans

Here are some more of my favorites from the shoot, as well as the full gallery. Below, you’ll see a Cadillac V16, as well as a white Mercedes replica. She looks pretty good to me, fake or not.

Cadillac V16
1922 Mercedes SSK replica

Some leather engine strap car porn for Ray Wert, lol.

SSK rep 2

More good stuff, below a Ferrari 308 and 330, as well as the rear end and Pininfarina badge on a 250 GT.

308 quarter
330 Front
1960 Pininfarina emblem
1960 250 GT rear

This was probably my favorite car in attendance, a 1961 Cooper Monaco Type 57 Mark II Race Car. An itty bitty little race car (I love tiny high performance cars). I would’ve driven this all the way home to Florida, if they’d have let me.

Cooper quarter view
Cooper emblem
Cooper front
Cooper headlight

Historic race scrutineering stickers!

Scrutineering stickers
Cooper engine
Austin Healey

I thought the windshield mechanism was really interesting on the Austin Healey.

Austin windshield
I really liked the angle that I caught this 365 California from, with the hood emblem, the grille,
and a little bit of the front plate.

365 California corner
365 and Delahaye

This Daytona was just gorgeous, one of my three favorite cars in the whole collection.

365 Daytona

In my opinion, this was it’s best angle, something to do with the shoulder, the door location, and the fender that was just right.

Best angle

Check out the prancing horse detail inside the reflector.

Daytona detail

Some more super vintage car porn, the 1946 Delahaye 135MS Selborne Roadster (what a mouth full).

Delahaye Selborne 1
Delahaye Selborne 2
Delahaye Selborne 3
Delahaye photomerge

A couple of Corvette Challenge cars.

Corvette Challenge 1
Corvette Challenge 2

Old School XJ220.


Another favorite, the Lancia 037, was surprisingly tiny. Anyone got a spare quarter mill they wanna give me?

Lancia 037
Lancia 037 2
Lancia 037 3

And, last but not least, a 1938 Morgan Super Sport. The rest of the gallery can be viewed here.

1938 Moran Super Sport



    1. Thanks, I was thinking of saving up for the speedway’s exotics on track thing. It would probably be way more safe, legal, and fun than just renting a Lotus.

  1. One strange question: Did it smell all kinds of awesome in there – full of nothing (hopefully) but old-car leather, oil and whatnot?

    My favorite shot from above has to be the Delahaye you took from the front of the grill, in tight:

    1946 Delahaye 135MS Selborne front badge/hood straps in detail 1 of 2

    1. No, but that would’ve been nice. Like the smell of a Wilson’s leather store? It mostly just smelled like an old garage space, which it was. At least it didn’t smell like leaky oil, which was surprising with how many oil stains were on the carpet! They do keep the place up well though, with mats underneath the cars in case of a leak. Edit: I didn’t see the part about the Delahaye earlier. Yeah that grille was just a photographic goldmine. I’d never heard of Delahaye, but they had this and that dark purple couple. The rear end of that made me think it might’ve had something to do with the early sixties split window Stingray Corvettes. I liked the Selborne roadster better though. How could anyone not love that blue? It’s like a Mediterranean/LeMans/grabber blue type of color.

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