D1GP 10 Years Book/DVD Unboxed!

D1GP DVD/book comboI bought a book/DVD set from Adam of 7tune.com a few weeks back. There are probably still some available, but I was lucky enough to snag the last one that came with free 7tune stickers! The book/DVD set is a retrospective of the first ten years of D1GP, which unfortunately, can now also be called the Inada and Tsuchiya-involved years, with them moving on this year to form a new drifting series, more similar to the D1 street legal battles. The set arrived here in the mail this week, from Japan. Here, I take you through the unpacking of it all.

Note: all contact info has been erased from photos prior to uploading.

DVD package

I was psyched when I found this on the doorstep.

Label close up

I probably went a little overboard on the documenting photos, but I always like to look at the details when I get something from so far away.

Out of the box

I can't read hardly a single word, outside of the brands, like HKS and Nismo, but I can say that the overall design is quite nice, from an aesthetics perspective.

Front Cover

The cover features a few cars from the past ten years of D1GP.

DVD still packed

Inside, we find the DVD, and my free 7tune decals. I was considering putting them on our VW Rabbit, but considering I don't have the money for things like this very often, I may just save them for the next car I buy in the next couple of years. A Subaru WRX, STI, or maybe a Toyota or Subaru FT86.

DVD/book set opened

On the left is the DVD, still in it's packaging (for the next few minutes) with the free 7tune decals neatly tucked in, and the book with D1GP decals inside, on the right.

Interior course maps

Inside the book, there are course maps from each year, with what appear to possibly be specs from each course.

Book interior book marker

Nobuteru Taniguchi page

There are also what appear to be little driver profiles for champion drivers, such as NOB "No One Better" Nobuteru Taniguchi, one of my favorite drivers.

DVD packaged

The DVD comes packaged in this tidy little peforated cardboard pocket. I probably would have left it inside, had I not wanted to watch it so bad. This DVD is region 2, so I had to peform a little video techno-wizardry to watch it on my region 1 machines, but the little bit of extra work is worth it.

Full set

I carefully tore the DVD loose. Once I was able to watch it, I found a nice detailed run down of the first ten years of D1, all in Japanese with no subtitles (which I knew about when I bought it). It's loaded with video highlights of the D1 championships through out the years. It had lots of "woah!" moments, despite my lack of knowledge of the language.

Interior of DVD case

This is actually the first Option DVD I've bought. I've caught plenty of highlights from various ones in the past, in the early days of Youtube, when that was the only place I knew of to see things like D1 and the touge battles. This was obviously back before Youtube started policing it's copywritten content as well as it does now.

So, to wrap up, I quickly decided to buy this set, because it’s not really available in the states. If you are into drifting like I am, I’d say go get one for yourself from 7tune, while they’re still available. This isn’t a commercial as it might seem to be, it’s just me being excited about something I’ve gotten, and wanting to share it with whomever is interested, without giving so much away that there isn’t a reason to get it for your own collection. If you happen to be able to read Japanese, please feel free to let me know in the comments if I’m not interpreting something right, in the photos. Let me know also, if there’s anything you thing aught not to be shown. I’m trying to only show what could quickly be seen if you were looking at this in a bookstore in Japan, not give content away for free.


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