March USF Car Club meet

SVX on STi wheelsThis month on the 11th, I happened to get an email about a car club at USF that I’d somehow missed the entire time I’d gone to school there. So, I decided to check it out.

*Disclaimer: Please pardon the less than ideal quality phone pics. I was originally going to bring the Sony point and shoot camera that I’ve shot most of the images on this blog with… only that the tab that holds the battery in place randomly decided to break and now the camera won’t read it’s memory card. My phone typically shoots pretty well, just not in low light and we were on our way to the event when the other camera broke. Regardless, these are the best of what I saw while I was there that night. I will probably return to shoot more in the future, with a better camera.*

On the way up (this took place on the top floor of a parking garage), I had my first real-world encounter with a stance car. A Honda Civic that had to creep over every minute little dip and bump all the way up the parking garage.  I’ve talked to people before who were annoyed by the Hella Flush movement, but it’s never really bothered me in the past. Seeing how they are forced to drive, I’ve gotta say that it doesn’t make sense to me either. At least put some air bags so it’s not so disabled when in motion. To each their own I guess.

When we first got there, I was a bit shocked to see a Mercedes SLR parked in a corner of the lot. I was still walking around a few minutes later, seeing what was there, when it took off before I could get a shot. So yeah, not my best performance here as a photographer/blogger. It could only get better from there at least.

The first car that caught my eye soon after that was this classic Subaru SVX (also known as the Alscyone SVX), that I’ve seen around campus from time to time, running on gold Subaru Impreza STi BBS wheels. I remember the first time I saw this car thinking that I’d always wondered what that might look like. This was the first time I’d really gotten to take a good look at it up close. It seemed like they could have used some spacers to push the wheels out just a little bit more, but other than that it looked pretty good! Hopefully in the future they’ll leave the hood up so we can get a peek inside to see if they’ve done anything to the engine.

SVX rear
There was a nice selection of Japanese classic flavors of RWD, with a 240SX and two RX-7’s.

240SX beater
First RX7
Second RX7
RX7 Windshield

2JZ-powered Lexus SC

2JZ-powered Lexus SC

4g63 Morris Minor
4g63-powered Morris Minor

This Morris Minor probably impressed me the most. At first, it just looks like a regular little Minor with upgraded wheels and tires. But then you look under the hood and find what appears to be the turbo charged 4G63 engine from a Lancer Evolution VIII!

Morris hood
Followed by my favorite LS SBC swap, the popular S30 Z-car, a 280Z in this case, with the heart of a goat.

S30 ZLS1
With how many Subaru’s I’ve seen at meets like this at S&R, I was surprised to instead see that the car most represented at this meet was actually the good old Dodge SRT4.

This had to be the most visually (and also tastefully) customized rides on the lot. A 350Z with a body kit and a P51 Mustang-influenced vinyl wrap, similar to the AMS Evo, but a bit more true to WWII than Top Gun.

Z33 2

Driver's side High Maintenance

"High Maintenance" driver's side


Note the copilot, lol. Classy!

That’s it for this meet. Stay tuned as I post up about an Evom meet (taken with a better camera) that I attended this past weekend.

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