Lucky Thunder’s Final Meet

A week prior to the Honda Grand Prix of St. Pete, I stumbled upon a post in the Tampa thread on (a Mitsubishi Lancer and Lancer Evolution enthusiast site that I frequent) about a local meet just around the corner from my house. I’d never seen a meet happen so close to home before (literally, right outside my neighborhood), not to mention that there would be an Evo VII there, so I knew I had to check it out. These were some of the first pictures I took with the new Nikon D90. I didn’t realize that they’d also be the last I’d take of my Lancer, Lucky Thunder, before it would be sold just three weeks later.

At noon exactly, I pulled up at the park by my house, astounded to see before me, my favorite generation of the Lancer Evo: the Evo VII. This is the generation from just prior to the Lancer Evolution’s 2003 introduction to the United States. I’ve never driven one in real life, but have logged countless hours in the past, driving one virtually, in Gran Turismo 3 and 4. I’ve always preferred it’s looks over the VIII, since it didn’t have the bigger USDM bumpers and Mitsubishi’s rhino-like nose that would eventually spread throughout their entire line. It just oozes aggression.

This was taken shortly after I got to the park with, from left to right, the Evo VII, Evo VIII, and my Lancer ES. Don’t get me wrong, if I could afford an Evo VIII right this minute and had the keys to a well maintained one in hand, I’d definitely take it. It’s just not the favorite. For some reason, I seem to like the odd numbered generations the most. The III, the V, the VII, the IX, but then the pattern breaks, because I will admit that I like the new X.

From these pics, you can see that I tastefully added some Evo VII flavor to the Lancer with Evo VII-style grille and tail lamps. I didn’t rice it out, but just wanted to get rid of the chrome “thong” that the factory gave the front grill, along with the somewhat less distinct tail lamps, without going so far as the Altezza look. Both the VII and VIII had supposedly been kept relatively stock.

Other cars began to show up soon, like this Tarmac Black MR SE Evolution IX.

This Rotor Glow Orange Lancer RallArt even showed up, having driven all the way from Ohio! Apparently, they must be rare in Florida, with this being the first I've seen in the flesh.

Silver Evolution IX with an SE lip.

Another Evo IX, with the standard lip.

This more customized Evo VIII belongs to the wife of the Evo VII owner.

Carbon hood, carbon ducts, carbon lip, carbon carbon carbon!

And finally, the Evo VII! From here, you can see that a 3000GT also showed up.

That’s it for this post. This was the final meet for my Lancer, but obviously not my final meet. There should be more soon to come. I’m planning on going to some more of the USF car club’s meets as well as their next Cars and Coffee, not to mention whatever comes up on EvoM, provided they’ll still have me now that I’m not a Mitsubishi owner.


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