WARNING: In Case of Rapture, this hoon will be hanging with el Diablo

According to some Christians, today was allegedly supposed to be the rapture. All week I’d been looking forward this day, and not because of the religious affiliation (I’m Atheist), but because this hoon was going to get a taste of heaven on earth at Cars & Coffee at duPont Registry, in St Pete, with “Lambos before the world ends.” I also attended the first “Straight Stance Low Low Flush Show” today. I’ll post pics from both shows soon. I’d hoped and hoped that there would be a Diablo present at Cars & Coffee today of all days (what with the rapture association) and sure enough, there it was in Verde Ithaca.

It even had a bad ass vanity plate that said “205 MPH.”

Well, that’s it for this post. I will have the rest of what I shot today within the next couple of days. Up next, I’ll have a large set of the other cars at Cars & Coffee, then another single car post about a Corvette I saw there today. The most bad ass custom Vette I’ve ever seen. I’ll finish off after that, with a post featuring the pics I took at the Straight Stance Low Low Flush Show. Lots of great things to come, so check back soon.

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