May 2011 Cars & Coffee at duPont REGISTRY

I was so excited about Cars & Coffee that on Friday night, like a kid about to go to Disney World, I couldn’t sleep. At 6AM, I went out and got the biggest can of Monster that they sell and a quick bite to eat. The main thing I’d been excited to see was Lamborghinis, but from what you see here in this opening image of the Ultima GTR, there were Lambos and so many other cars to get excited about, that I’d only previously seen in magazines. Here are the best of what I shot.

If you’d like to look at the entire Flickr set, that is located here.

When I first arrived, my nearly stock Volkswagen seemed a bit out of place with so many Corvettes and Cobra replicas, as if I was trolling the car show. Nothing bad intended, I just didn’t know where else to park and no one seemed to have a problem with it. It was kind of funny to see it there, regardless.

They see me trollin'... they hatin'

The first car that caught my attention was a Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4, JDM converted to be badged as a GTO MR.

This car, in this particular color (pearlescent white), is one of my wife's dream cars, so I knew I had to get some shots of it, especially with bronze Volks (one of my favorite rims).

Under the hood was the 6G72 V6 engine with chrome manifold and valve cover.

Immediately after shooting the 3000GT, a 1912 Rauch & Lang electric car drove out of the garage.

Pretty amazing, considering it will be 100 years old next year.

I couldn't help but wonder if there would be a Toyota Prius or a Nissan Leaf still in running condition in 100 years.

I began to circle the lot, heading towards some S2000's that were nearby. This being the rare S2000 Club Racer, or CR. This trim level was only offered for 2 years and included a light, removable hard top, with AC and stereo being optional in the name of weight savings. This is the only one I've ever seen outside of the International Car Show, on the year it was introduced.

I've got more images of this car from the Straight Stance show later on that day, that I'll be sharing soon in a future post.

There was also this silver one, with an intake. And a sway bar from Cars & Concepts, a performance shop in Tampa at which I had the Tein coilovers installed onto my Lancer a couple of years ago.

A few of the IndyCar liveried S2000's, from the Honda Grand Prix, were in attendance as well.

On the less exotic, but still pretty cool side, there was one of the new 5 liter Mustang GT's.

The new 5 liter Coyote V8.

An NA1 Acura NSX arrived while I was walking over to look at the Honda S2000's. They really do age well, don't they?

Earlier, when I'd first arrived at the registry, this Shelby Cobra replica had been behind me at a stoplight leading into the lot. It had a nice lumpy idle and the owner was reving it's supercharged V8 to everyone's delight.

Here, I was able to get a closer look at the car and it's force induced 302.

This C2 split window Stingray was a bit of a resto-mod, having modern Corvette wheels, tires, brakes, and engine.

Gotta love the old Bel Air in orange. It really pops.

If you like yellow ones, urine luck!

Another first for me was this vintage C2 Corvette Grand Sport.

Without the roof, I get the feeling that I wouldn't be as apt to get stuck in this one as I did in the new one at the car show last year.

Dat ass...

Vintage Porsche Speedster

This one's for $kaycog. I don't know how I got a clear shot of this, but once you stick around long enought, there's bound to be a couple seconds of clear viewing of a Ford GTX1, a customized Ford GT, produced in limited numbers by the Genaddi Design Group, Fouty eight grand bought you a drop top conversion on top of the price of the Ford GT.

Come at me, bro!

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this Ultima GTR pulling up to the lot, in front of me when I was arriving. Another car I'd seen only in car magazines.

Chevy powered!

In addition to the Diablo I posted the other night, was this Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. I'm pretty sure from the color an the side decals, this is likely the same one I saw at the International Auto Show last year.They had even driven it here, and rightfully so, as evidenced by the bugs on the front end.

The heart of the beast, the Gallardo's 562bhp (570PS) V10.

A quick view of heaven.

Another Gallardo in non-Superleggera form, parked next to the Superleggera.

Aston Martin Rapide

I had to look this car up, because I'd never seen or heard of it before. It's a Factory Five Racing GTM Supercar. Factory Five is also the builders of some of the best Shelby Daytona and Shelby Cobra replicas.

From the back, it kind of reminds me of a Joss JT1.

I shot this for Hoon That SC. A classic Porsche 911 SC.

LCC Rocket!

I thought something looked strange about this F40 when I saw the headlights. Then it hit me, it's a Feauxrarri!

Even for a fake though, it's not bad looking from the back as long as you don't look under the hood.

Superman Combi

Classic Datsun dime.

Dodge Super Bee!

440 6 pack in the Florida sun.

I used to know a guy who had a Nash Metropolitan. It always made me laugh because he was so tall (over 6 feet). If you've never seen one, a Metropolitan is like the MX5 of the fifties. Very small.

Classic Jaaaaaaaag XKE

This Spyder is daily driven by it's owner. I'm not sure if it's real, because again... I'd never seen one in the flesh before. I thought it might be disrespectful to ask. Besides, the guy daily drives it and takes huge pride in it and that's what really matters. He said that he's been slowly fixing it up, but the parts cost a butt load.

That’s it for this post. Up next, I’ll have a post dedicated exclusively to the “CUSTOM 1,” the most bad ass custom wide body Vette I’ve ever seen. Stay tuned.



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