The best looking custom Corvette I’ve ever seen

I ran across this C3 Corvette at the duPont REGISTRY Cars & Coffee the weekend before last, and thought it deserved it’s own feature here on Hoonart. I’ve loved C3 Corvettes (C3 is the 3rd generation, for the uninitiated) since childhood. In my opinion, no other generation demonstrates the idea of the “Coke bottle” body as well as the C3’s did. They were also still in production when I was born and very common back then, and have been my favorite for as far back as I can remember. This black beauty that was on display is in my opinion, probably the most badass C3 that I’ve ever seen.

I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to speak with the owner, but from the looks of it, it’s quite a special beast, sporting blended extra wide fenders in the back and deleted headlights in the front, with a custom front bumper and shaved front bumper. And of course, the almost obligatory side pipes, flat black side pipes in this case. Judging by the fastback and the emblems in the doors, this is likely a 1973 or 74 model, but with this car being so deeply customized, only the owner knows for sure.

The engine was extremely clean down to the tiniest detail. I don’t imagine that this car is daily driven, and it is definitely well cared for.

From the look of things, the whole engine bay has been either covered or replaced with what looks like carbon fiber or plastic made to look like carbon. Either way, it really cleans things up. A bit show car, but it definitely  still looks like it could be fun on a racetrack, not to mention on the street.

It obviously had the firepower to back up the pretty looks, with a supercharger and individual throttle bodies added to the V8.

Inside is an updated stereo, a Grant steering wheel, and what looks to be a custom center stack. The factory analog gauges appear to have possibly been replaced with digitals.

Out back are the aforementioned wide fenders, as well as an aftermarket adjustable wing, a ducktail spoiler, LED taillamps, and a shaved rear bumper. I don’t love look of the wing, but considering how wide the rear tires are, it’s most likely functional.

In all, as I said before, this has gotta be the best looking custom Corvette I’ve ever run across. Maybe I’ll run into it again sometime and get more info on the build.



  1. you need to post more photos of this car. I know you took allot more than what’s on the article. You should share them with the viewers to better understand and appreciated the quality, creativity and awesomeness that went into putting this custom C3 together. This car is all unique on its own. I like to see people modify and create as everyone has a design of their own to share with the world.

    1. Believe it or not, this is actually all I took of this car that day. I do typically have some extra shots, but the morning I took those, most of everything came out extraordinarily well. That early morning “golden hour” light definitely helps. That said, I only post the very best of what I take. If you’d like to see more of this car, however, there are a few shots in my June Cars & Coffee Set of the car driving away from the event and one shot of the opposite side of the engine. If that’s not enough, fear not. I’m sure I’ll run into that car again. It’s pretty hard to miss.

  2. Love that car. I have a c3 1974 and would like to modify the front and back to this beautiful setup maybe changing something on the fiberglass design to be different but this is the way I want to go. I personally love when people get creative as it shows our talents, taste and the fun of doing along with the risk. Beautiful angle shots. please keep me posted when you run again into this gentleman and his ride. Take lots of photos. 🙂

  3. Tuff but the front is totally ruined. He should have kept the front original.
    Sorry to say but the front ruins a lot on a other than front very tuff Corvette

  4. RR how can u say the front is ruined?? He gave it a complete whole new look…besides if you look at a real “stinray” their mouth looks just like that. I’m sure he wanted to keep it modern and asthethically close to a real stingray hence the name given to the C3. Some people have a creative touch and vision, others like you perhaps likes the traditional style, nevertheless criticism is constructive but always keep an open mind to the creator’s upproach…rebuilding/redesigning and modifyng automobiles is an artform itself…embrace its outcome.That is one bad@$$ corvette that cannot defy.

  5. I always see this car at Dupont Registry. Personally, I think he ruined the car when you see it in person. When I first saw it, I thought it was great. But after seeing it a couple of times, I didn’t like what he did to the front and back. I like what he did to the wheel wells and the side exhaust. People will have different opinions on this car because of taste. It just doesn’t fit my taste.

    1. It’s definitely polarizing, that’s for sure. I saw it again this weekend at Tampa Bay International Auto Show. That wing on the back is terrible. Maybe if it were placed further back it might look better or perhaps if it were of a style more fitting with the ’70s styling. In hindsight, I don’t really like the fake carbon fiber under the hood. The front I still kind of like, because it seems like it was done that way to reduce drag, but that’s just a guess. I don’t usually like C3 Corvettes without metal bumpers, but still like this one somehow.

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