Streets of Tampa: Porsche Boxster Spyder

Florida is a good place to spot high end sports cars and occasionally super cars on the streets. This is especially true in places like South Beach and in certain areas of Tampa and Orlando. That said, I’m not used to seeing them on my drive to work, running through some rougher areas of town. This morning was an exception, when I was talking to my wife and suddenly stopped mid-sentence and yelled “holy sh*t, it’s a Boxster Spyder!”

It was way ahead in traffic, so I immediately put the pedal to the metal and got around some traffic to get behind it. This being the lightest version of the Boxster (not to mention the lightest Porsche you can buy right now), it was not easy to catch, because racecar.

I felt like a paparazzo, chasing this little car down, but it was a lot of fun.

We finally got to a stop light, where we could get a clear shot of the back and the car’s teenie weenie bikini roof. This car takes weight savings to such an extreme that it’s got a cloth pull handle inside each door, to open and close the doors with.

That view didn’t last long, though. As soon as that light turned green, the Spyder flew away in the wail of a sport exhaust symphony.

As we got closer to Bruce B. Downs Blvd, traffic started to slow up as it usually does, and I thought we might be able to get a clear shot of the side.

In the end though, this was the closest we could get to a side shot of the car. I think I’d need to have the SLR on me to catch this thing in action, because it’s just too quick to be gotten with a camera phone. All too soon, he (or she) went left and we went right, and the chase was over. You win today, Spyder, but if we run across you again, we’ll be up for another chase! And next time, we’ll have the SLR.

Today’s score ↓
Porsche Boxster Spyder: 1
Volkswagen Rabbit: nil


One comment

  1. Great story
    The same happen to me the time I got behind a Boxster Spyder.
    Now I own one and appreciate the attention.
    Nex year it will be just another old Porsche but it will always be my baby.
    I really love the way it handles and look.

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