Straight Stance: Low Low Flush Show V.1

To quote the title of the old Monty Python spinoff, “and now for something completely different.” As I mentioned previously, a few weeks back when I went to Cars & Coffee at duPont REGISTRY, there was a stance car show the very same day, just a few hours later. This isn’t the typical performance-focused content that I feature, but this was the first meet of this particular title/series, so I decided to check it out.

If anything, I can say that this was a very diverse show, not just in the various models of car shown, but in the various scenes that showed. So diverse, that I’m dividing it up into several posts. This was not just a stance show. There was everything from flush to drag to rat rod to old Beetles, and everything in between. For the full set, check out my Flickr.

It all started with some Honda Fits, some shop cars, and a line up of Honda Ruckuses. The Ruckus is a small Honda scooter that has been popular to modify in Japan, and has now made it's way across the Pacific.

The first vehicles to greet me in the vendor areas were the PROSPORT Subaru Impreza STi and the Event Culture Entertainment and JDMups S13 coupe. I don't know what this car was making a few years back, when I first saw it at an S&R meet, but it makes 504whp now!

The STi and S13 seemed a bit out of place in current company with all of the more aesthetic-focused stance cars around.

With the Sikky stickers on this S13 240SX coupe, I'd bet this thing has an LS V8 swap.

I also ran across some of the cars from the USF car club meet, like this flush FC RX-7, as well as another FC, a convertible in red, with a carbon hood and more conservative offset.

Ignore that Thing in the background for now. I have a post dedicated to that coming up.

Sitting behind it was this clean R35 GTR.

I can appreciate the stance look on some cars, but this is one that I'm glad was left stock in appearance.

The Honda/Acura scene had turned up in full force with everything from RSX/Integras, to CRX’es, to Fits, del Sol’s, to an old Civic wagovan with a Carlito’s Way painting on the hood.

Simply clean, indeed.


Breast cancer-aware Fit is aware.

In case you're wondering about the colorful language on the duct tape, I4 is a local interstate that's known to damage cars due to it's perpetual state of construction and repairs.

Gotta love the Coors Light can.

Whole lotta carbon kevlar under that hood.

Domo dice.

A fairly clean EG Civic hatch. It's hard to believe how small these cars were! If only they made cars this small today.

One of my all time favorite Honda's, the CRX Si.

Acura Integra with the prettier (in my opinion) face from the JDM model.

This Civic was much more custom than it had seemed at first. For starters, it's sitting on BBS wheels similar to what you might expect to see on a Volkswagen. I believe that front bumper is also from the JDM model.

Under the hood, we find an Optimus Prime valve cover. How cool is that? Plus, a carbon intake, aftermarket radiator, JDM VIN tag, and a very clean engine bay.

Inside, we find a camouflage wrapped interior along with the obligatory Bride seat and Takata harness. It's kind of flashy, but very well done.

And, to top it all off, a Personal Trophy steering wheel

The VIP/bippu crowd made a good showing as well, with a group of Lexuses (Lexi?) and a G35 sedan, all dropped to the limit.

Lexus ISF

Lexus LS

Click to view on Flickr

Newer model Lexus IS

G35 sedan

There were even some sports cars there that you would never think would be at a stance meet. Some were stock, some more function focused, and some dropped and poked aggressively.

This blob eye STi had apparently won some trophys. It was really something to look at.

Domo-kun was along for the ride.

Z33 Nissan 350Z, on Volks and with Nismo aero.

The good old second gen DSM Mitsubishi Eclipse.

I also think I saw the pedobear Miata, that some of you might know from Jalopnik. After seeing it in person, I kind of wanted a flat black Miata.

This Mini Cooper was all flushed out, but appeared to have also been used as a track rat, with it's scrapes and it's stiched front bumper.

Hyundai Genesis

One of the last cars to show up while I was there was this SR20 swapped S13 coupe, with a Silvia face transplant.

As dirty as the outside would have you believe the car was, under the hood it was spotless. The whole engine bay was sprayed in sparkle paint. Those aren't water spots you're seeing.

That’s it for this post. Check back in the next few days as I’ll have mode detailed shots of the Rat Rod VW Thing, the Honda S2000 CR that was in the previous Cars & Coffee post, some shots of an R32 GT-R dragster, Beetles, and some cars from the parking area.


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