Second Sight: The black Honda S2000 CR

Here’s just a quick post with some under-hood photos of the Honda S2000 CR that we’d previously seen at the May duPont REGISTRY Cars & Coffee. On our first sighting of this car, the hood was down, so there wasn’t much to tell about what had been done with it, outside of the hot wheel and tire package. When I spotted it at Straight Stance, later that same day, I knew I had to seize the opportunity.

From the looks of things under the hood, it appears to have a centrifugal type Vortech supercharger installed. What makes it even better? It looks to have been powder coated in a clean flat black, along with the valve cover, the strut tower bar, and various other parts under the hood. As The Dude would say, it really ties the room , or in this case, the engine bay, together.

According to Vortech, this kit boosts the S2000’s F22 engine’s output from the factory 237 HP and 162 lb/ft of torque to a calculated estimate of 365 HP and 227 lb/ft of torque, possibly more if it’s had further work done to the engine. This would be true for both the regular  AP2 (later model 2.2 liter) S2000’s as well as this Club Racer, seeing as how the CR trim was all about reduced weight and better aerodynamics, rather than engine tuning.

As you can see in these photos, the CR has a more aggressive front lip and a larger rear spoiler to aid high speed stability. The soft top is also replaced with a hard top on the CR model. Fewer than 2000 of the CR packaged S2000’s are said to have been produced.


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