Straight Stance: Vochitos

There was a nice assortment of old-school Volkswagen Beetles in the parking area at Straight Stance, customized in various forms of lowrider and stance styles. They all had nice, straight bodies, with one even sporting a bit of the Rat Rod look.

It seems like the Beetle, or Vochito, is one of those cars that’s been ever-present throughout my life, but that I’ve never really actively studied. My mother even owned an orange Super Beetle in the early seventies, but it had long gone by the time I was born. Despite that, I really like what people do with them when I  see one that’s been well cared for and personalized to the reflect the owner’s personality.

Older, less storage-plentiful vehicles like the Beetle were the original users of roof racks, that are now thrown on slammed sedans and hatches, like the Golf and Civic, as fashion accessories.

This particular Bug is a Wolfsburg edition (notice the special badge above the handle) in turquoise, probably the greatest old Vee Dub color ever.

This flat black beauty is the rat rodder of the bunch, that I mentioned earlier.

The thing that gets me looking at these little old Bugs is the tiny details that get added on… the decals, the body repairs, the old chrome pieces, like the door handles.

This white Bug was probably the most pristine of the group, with perfect paint, rust-free chrome, and over-sized chrome Porsche Fuchs.

I like the clean execution on the white Beetle the most, but the turquoise color on the other. Which one one is your favorite?

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