Euro Ratty Ol’ Thing

Contrary to what you typically see on the Golfs in the Euro scene, or the Hondas in the stance scene, this car’s rubber band-like tires aren’t stretched in the slightest and are nowhere near to poking out of the wheel wells. It combines the rust factor that has recently spread from the Euro scene, into the sticker bombed Civic scene, with a Japanese plate, single taped headlamp (a half track rat?), and cobalt blue wheels. I hope you’ve got your tetanus shot, because this old Kurierwagen is rusted to the core.

This was another oddity among then-present company at Straight Stance. It carried such a patina that, when I returned to the office the following week, I was sort of unimpressed with the rattiness of the Thing featured on Jalopnik’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe feature (no respect to writer, graverobber, who’s witty style I enjoy very much). Not to say that wasn’t ratty, but that this Thing outweighed that Thing in the, pardon the pun, scale of rust that was present.

I’m not sure what was up with the upside down Japanese plate on the front (no plate on the back). Anti JDM? A political statement against the WWII-era axis powers? It just looked good to the owner?

I also like that the owner either doesn’t have a top for it, or chose to show it without, because with the top on, the looks really suffer. In that case, the shed on wheels (I mean that in a good way) becomes a tent on wheels. Sheds are better looking.

Look at that body flex! This thing really makes for a nice contrast in how you can see this… shed on wheels and call it a car, and see something like a Prius or a Lamborghini and also call them cars. This is a real “fuck you,” thumb the nose at everything else, punk rock kind of ride, and you’ve gotta love that.


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