Two Nice Finds

I spotted this nice old FD generation RX-7 in the grocery store parking lot today. These things are getting more and more rare. That wasn’t the only thing I found. There was a whole new mix of Hotwheels as well!

I really had to peruse the Hotwheels for a while, because I don’t really have a lot of extra cash these days. I somehow held myself back from getting the A-Team van and a Nissan 370Z. Luck was mine as I found one and only one Lamborghini Reventón. With me and Hotwheels, Lambo pretty much always trumps all.

On my way out, I shot the RX-7. The thing that really got my attention about this car, besides that it was an RX-7 was the Sebring Raceway sticker on the back window. This car may have actually seen a track!

Well, that’s it for now. I gotta go. It’s my dad’s birthday! Until next time, happy hooning!



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