The One Where A Corvette Makes A Fool Out Of Me Again

Updated with photos On Sunday, my wife and I went to the 2012 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. I’ve got many pictures to come in the next few days of that. But first, while we were wandering around before the races, I was shooting this beautiful mid-’60s Corvette when the SCCA folks offered to let me sit in it. Without thinking, I just assumed I could just ‘Bo Duke’ it into the driver’s seat and halfway in, I realized I was stuck between the rollcage and the steering wheel. That’s when the SCCA lady remembered that the wheel was supposed to come out before I got in. She got the wheel out, but not before my butt was hanging out the door for what felt like forever. Meanwhile, my wife got the whole thing on video in HD. This isn’t the first time I’ve been humiliated by a Corvette. I previously got stuck in a brand new Grand Sport at an autoshow, when the battery died. No offense to the current GM lineup, but this one looked better.

You can tell I was happy to finally be inside.

Me and Corvettes. I obsess over them, they humiliate me. Go figure.

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