2012 Honda Grand Prix of St Petersburg: Star Mazda

This year, we got seats, and it was a good thing too. Without them, we would have missed an amazing crash or two or three. In the second Star Mazda race of the weekend, Connor De Phillippi not only took the pole, but also went on to take a clean win. In the midst of it all, some wheel to wheel contact seemed to happen, causing Ryan Tveter’s #33 car to do an amazing barrel roll right in front of us, that he fortunately walked away from.

Before the race, we got to hear one of the Star Mazda’s ‘Zoom-Zooming’ in the paddock.

We got back to our seats just in time to catch the start of the race from turn 1.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, when all of a sudden this happened…

From a higher vantage point, posted by ExoticSupercars, you see that the top of the car incredibly never actually hit the ground:

…and he jumped out in time to walk away.

From there it was a lot of clean up.

The car sat dead in the infield between the main straight and the pit exit for the rest of the race…

…while the rest of the field flew by on 3 wheels. Oh well, better the car than the driver.

Sage Karam’s #88 race car flies through Turn 1

Zack Meyer drives the #66 AIM Autosport car towards Turn 2. I really liked the livery on this car. It sort of reminded me of old Benson & Hedges race cars.

Connor De Phillippi would go on to claim a clean victory after taking pole position.

Stick around, there’s much more coverage to come.


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