Down on the Street: Holy Cow, There’s an S15 Edition

Today, I quickly ran out for some sandwiches for my wife and I and what did I spy sitting in front of the Jimmy Johns? An S15 Nissan Silvia. Right hand drive, the correct rear, no S14 kit, but the real thing.

I never get tired of seeing these cars, because they are just so striking in the flesh. Utterly beautiful. We never received these in the US, not officially anyways. But a very small handful of lucky S15 owners have been able to get one of the extremely limited passes given out by the government to legally import and drive one here.

This particular example is a Spec S, which didn’t originally come with a turbo. Essentially an S14 with a slightly better engine and a better body. However, judging by the size of the exhaust, this one most likely has a turbo now. Plus, who is going to import something this special and leave it stock? I definitely would not.

It appears to have been lowered. Now just throw a cage in there and some chassis bracing and you’ll have something that will embarrass a stock Spec R on the track. No matter what kind of numbers this car is making, it looks brilliant, especially with a nice set of Enkei RPF1 that it’s sitting on.

Holy shit, indeed.

I never thought I’d have a photo of my own Rabbit and an S15. I’ll call it a happy accident.

She is a thing of beauty.

That’s it for this entry. Stick around. I haven’t been able to get together a “best of” post for the photos I shot at last month’s Pirelli World Challenge and IndyCar races. Life has just been very busy for me lately.


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