In Remembrance of Carroll Shelby

Today, I was shocked to learn that the great automotive legend, Carroll Shelby, is no longer with us. According to news reports, he passed away some time last night. He hadn’t been in good health over the past few years, but he’d remained active. He was 89, so I shouldn’t be so amazed that he passed away, and yet I find myself speechless.

Love him or hate him, he is an icon of American motorsport, a man who helped bring together the right parts and the right cars and who brought attention to what was happening in the garages of America (that being putting a big engine in a small car). Seeing as how I spent this past Sunday at the Orlando, FL Festivals of Speed, I decided to quickly get these photos together of the replicas of the Shelby Cobra 427 that were in attendance, replicas of a car originally pieced together by Mr. Shelby back in the ’60s by combining a British car called the AC Ace with a larger high powered Ford engine. This car was called the AC Cobra, and was later known for the larger 427 cubic inch block that was later used.

He was a crazy old coot, and he will be missed. Farewell, Carroll Shelby. All of your rear tires have been spent.

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