The Virtual JDM


It’s been a busy month both virtually and realistically speaking. I’ve still got those supercar photos to post, some down on the street, and other things to post. I’ve been helping some friends start a beer blog, some good old fashioned procrastination, ported some Singer 911 replicas over from Forza 3 to Forza 4, and made this, a Forza 4 replica of the Stella Artois Porsche, customized by JDM speed shop Rauh Welt Begriff. I was spurred on to post about it, when recently a long time favorite blog of mine, 7Tune, posted a Forza photo of mine on their Facebook wall, featuring their 7 dot and then again today with this RWB Stella Artois image that they also found on my Flickr. I was excited (to say the least) the first time they found me and decided today that I had to share this.

Click here to view the photo slideshow
If you don’t know about Rauh Welt Begriff (German for Rough World Concept), they are a speed shop that started off as a body shop in Chiba-Ken, Japan. RWB, as they are popularly known, began by building tuned versions of the AE86 Toyota Sprinter Trueno, and now are known for building custom one-off Porsche 911’s for their clients. This particular 911 is owned by RWB founder Akira Nakai. It is an ever-changing beast, and because of that, I took a bit of creative license in combining my favorite versions of the car from various times.

To quote from the description I wrote up on the Forza forums:

This version is sort of a mix of new and old. It’s got the older Promodet spray tagged front end and un-numbered sides from back in 2008 combined with the newer Abu Dhabi rear. I’ve also incorporated the 7tune sticker placement from RWB’s beige Russian Tank #96 “AMAZONIA” that was seen on the grid at last year’s Idlers 12 Hour Enduro. I’ve left the number 44 off of the sides, as it was a few years ago, for a more clean appearance. I may make a couple of alternatives to this in the future, with the stylized 44 or maybe a taped on number.

The real car has changed very recently, from what I’ve seen on 7tune’s Facebook feed. There’s now “Dark Romantic” text between Abu Dhabi and the RWB cut out on the real car and a ETIHAD decal on the top of the wing, but I’m honestly way out of layers on the back and the top of the wing seems to not be decal-able in Forza 4. I had to simplify the license plate, because by the time I got to that, there were only 45 layers left.

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of both RWB and 7Tune (they are pretty much doing what I’d like to be doing for a living), and as you can imagine I was having a nerdgasm on seeing them appreciating my play work and thought I should share this “cool story bro” moment in my car geek life. I hope you like it.

I’ve got other Rauh Welt cars in the works that I’d been wanting to release since the end of Forza 3/beginning of Forza 4, but hadn’t been able to until recently with the release of the Porsche pack in Forza 4. So, this is just the beginning.

P.S. In case you didn’t get the reference, the title of this post is inspired by a monthly magazine section that I used to read in Modified Mag, called The Real JDM, written by Ben Schaffer. It has since then either continued or moved (I’m not sure if it started in the magazine or online) to an online blog.


    1. It’s a 993. The ’95 911. I had to use this one because the 930 (which can be converted to a 964 in the game) has a ton of paint issues in the game. The sides don’t line up and I think the scaling on the sides is different than one another. The real car, driven by Akira Nakai, is a 930.

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