VSR Motorsports Grand Opening

One of my favorite local speed shops, S&R Performance, merged with Vortex Motorsport recently and on Saturday night my wife and I attended the massive grand opening of their new shop, VSR Motorsports.

The new location and larger shop were greeted by a multitude of cars. I was proud to bring my little Miata, this being it’s first event since I acquired it three weeks ago and one of only two that I saw there.

S&R did some great fabrication and alignment work on the Lancer I had a few years ago. I’m hoping to have the cash for them to do some work for me on the Miata, because I know it’ll be done right the first time (versus me doing it myself where it may have to be re-done). Along the way, I’ve seen them work on everything from a 240SX drift car to a late ‘50s Corvette dragster to a daily driver Subaru.

From the looks of things they’ve been working on a higher caliber of machine lately, as I saw several GTR’s, a few Porsches and a Lamborghini present in the shop.

Of course, I love hanging around the local J-tin. There were some nice vintage station wagons, some AE86s, one RX-7 of each generation, and various Nissan Z and S-chassis.

There was even a gang of Honda Ruckuses (Ruckii?).

Things got pretty crazy inside as they were shooting a video and their DJ achieved the unachievable, by getting me to jump around to something called the Harlem shake. It’s hard to say no when someone tells right to your face to get out there and dance. HAH! There was a guy dressed up in a red body suit, a Corgi, someone with a puppy, an Indian, and an inflatable shark that was being thrown around.

It was wild! We had a great time.

View the full Flickr set here

Full disclaimer: I wrote this post of my own volition. All views expressed here are my own, and do not necessarily represent the views of VSR Motorsports.

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