Some Good Old FWD Fun

Tonight, for only the second time, I got to drive my late step father’s RSX (non-type S with an automatic). The roadster will be in the shop until Monday and my mom let me borrow the ‘Teg since I have a meeting tomorrow morning. I have to say that car is a hell of a lot more fun than I remember it being. It’s still a little slower than the Rabbit in a straight line (because it lacks torque) but holy hell does that thing corner! I think we’ve changed the air filter since the last time as well. Now I see how my step father was always able to keep up with me so well in the entrance road to their gated community. I’m impressed. Most of the problem is the automatic. Just when you’re getting into the power, it goes to the next gear. So to counteract that, all the way home I found myself flipping it over into “manual” mode and ringing it out. Man, this thing is fun!



  1. The base RSX is ok but its a chick car, esp with the auto, the RSX Type-S with a stick is like a completely different animal, like a Rabbit compared to a GTI. Try one of those and you will understand the appeal of “good” Hondas and why we all bitch so much as what they have done to their lineup these days. Although the new Civic Si isn’t too bad.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t call it a chick car (it does handle and stop very well) but it’s definitely not fast. My mother had a good Honda when I was a kid, a 1986 Prelude 2.0 Si. I loved that little car. It’s probably at least partially responsible for my love of Japanese cars, not to mention old Hondas.

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