Driving A Supercharged Zanardi Edition Acura NSX Was A Revelation

NSX Zanardi Edition
Re-shared from Jalopnik, text by Patrick George, photographs by Kurt Bradley

[Ed. note – I couldn’t help being reminded of the good old days of Sport Compact Car and Modified magazines while reading this review today, by Patrick George, of a 1-of-only-50 limited edition NSX. Not a bad group of magazines to be compared to. I unfortunately missed out on reporting the new NSX’s debut along with the surprise unveiling of the new Ford GT last month at NAIAS, while I was stuck in bed with a cold, but I think Patrick hits it right on the head at the end. I won’t spoil it for you.]

I have finally figured out what the new turbocharged, hybrid, all-wheel drive, 550 horsepower 2016 Acura NSX will really compete against: the original NSX. Not in sales, mind you, but in expectations. There is no way the new NSX will escape comparison with its famous father. (more…)

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