Car-lovers mourn Yutaka Katayama, father of the classic ‘Z’ sports line

Datsun 240Z that I spotted back in 2012.Reshared from PRI’s The World

[Ed. note – I wanted to share this smaller report as well about Mr K, that I heard on PRI’s The World, due to the personal details mentioned. I also decided to use one of my own photos for the lead image on this reshare. The loss of the father of the Z is a personal one in that an early Z-car, my mother’s 280ZX, was a large part of what started me in having an interested in cars when I was a child. The loss of the man who brought us the affordable sports car is a great one. The world needs more Mr K’s.]

Diehard fans of the “240-Z” know that you can’t think of this sports car without thinking of Yutaka Katayama. Or the “father of the Z,” as he was known to Datsun and Nissan fans. (more…)


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