Through Heartache And Hiccups, Cars Make Us Human

Car guys looking at a Jaguar E-Type.
Re-shared from Petrolicous, Article by Aaron McKenzie, Photography by Rémi Dargegen, Lucile Pillet, & David Marvier

[The timing of this especially meaningful post is so fitting with my recently having revived Roadster. To those that don’t get it, they just won’t get it. To those that do, sit back with a nice cup of coffee this morning and take a look at this recent post by Aaron McKenzie on Petrolicious.]

Sometimes, when the pain intrudes upon and consumes his thoughts, Jurgen Vogl slides into his 1978 Porsche 911 Targa and, leaving behind his home in Prescott, Arizona, steers the car south and then west through the arid expanse of Skull Valley toward the desert hamlet of Bagdad. Or perhaps he’ll turn northeast, joining Highway 89 as it traces a path through the red rocks and ponderosas that line the mountain roads running toward Sedona and Flagstaff. The destination matters less than the simple motion of the car, its six-cylinder boxer engine chattering calmly as he leans through the sweeping curves of Northern Arizona. (more…)


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