Boosted or Natural: Supercharged NSX vs Modifed NA – /TUNED

Video by /DRIVE, Text by Bryce Womeldurf

This episode of /TUNED, aired last season on the /DRIVE+ channel, featuring a comparison between two friends’ approaches to tuning the NSX; one keeping things naturally aspirated and the other going with the approach of bolting on power, the supercharger. They both seem like very well sorted examples. If there’s one thing I would nit pick, it would be the conversion of the NA1 pop-ups to the later NA2 sealed beam headlamps. If it were me, I’d be more likely to go the other direction and convert the newer NA2 option back to pop-up headlights. Save the pop-ups!

Each approach seems to be a blast on track. The only correction to the video, which a friend noted, is that the NSX did not come with an Accord V6. The Accord did not have a V6 option when the NSX debuted and when it eventually did have a V6, it was a J-series engine rather than the NSX’s C-series engine. I really identify with the owner of the black NSX saying that he really just loves to drive it and that “you just wanna get in it, you just wanna turn the key, just want to drive it. It’s finally gotten to the point where it is reliable, ready to go, out of the box.” I have a similar attitude about my Miata lately since the hose change was completed and I can finally put some miles on it without worrying too much about anything breaking down or getting too hot. (more…)


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