Looking back at Amelia Island’s Cars & Coffee

Text and photography by Bryce Womeldurf

Last month’s Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance was this author’s first attendance to the event and it was big… huge in fact. Due to a combination of trying to cover it all, preparation for publishing, not to mention attending the Sebring 12 and a Miata meet all in the same month; Amelia’s Cars & Coffee event ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor… until today. After the jump, we’ll revisit Cars & Coffee with a selection of photographs of the cars which were there. 


964 generation Porsche 911 on Rotiform wheels, with fuel lid signed by Magnus Walker


1953 Porsche “Outlaw” 356


I got to speak with the owner of this 356. Having seen so much attention given to the Outlaw 356 Porsches customized by Rod Emory recently, I asked if Rod Emory had any involvement in the build, but the owner said that he had done the build on this car himself about 15 years ago. It was for sale that day for $125,000. Something looked different about it in that the back end tapered down more sharply than usual. This was because the owner had channeled the body, a process from hot rodding where a horizontal section of the body is cut away and removed, for the body to be visually lowered over the frame, without a decrease in suspension travel. The floor was removed and brought up higher into the cabin, as well as the doors needing to be resized and reconfigured in some ways to fit the smaller openings. I’d talked with the owner about my Miata project as well and he said that he had owned a Miata too. I guess what my wife says is true, the Miata really is the great equalizer. From the Porsche owner to the guy slinging pizzas, to this guy writing a blog, everyone loves and has possibly owned the Miata.

2009 Porsche 911 Turbo RFS59 Tribute Car by fiveninedesign


This car had a lot of custom work done as well. From the description on fiveninedesign’s web page, this was built as a tribute to the late Robert F. Snodgrass Jr., who was the President and CEO of Brumos Porsche/Brumos Racing.This car was already rare to begin with as one of just 227 manual equipped Turbos from 2009, made even more so by its customization. The theme was derived from the race cars which until recently the Brumos Porsche dealership in Jacksonville, Florida, had sponsored. They describe it as a “mix of old and new” with a purposely faded version of the Brumos stripes and race number. It’s also fitted with a Liberty Walk wide body kit and wheels by Velos Designwerks. Fiveninedesign goes on to mention that it’s been shown at RENNSPORT REUNION, the Magnus Walker MOMO Rally, SEMA in Las Vegas, and back to Florida for Amelia Island and the Rolex 24.

2007 Porsche 911 GT3 RS with custom wrap


1991 Special Edition Mazda Miata


The 1991 British Racing Green was the first special edition Miata. It gained no additional power over the standard 1.6 but came with many luxury features. This particular example is owned by a school teacher. This is one of two Miatas that he owns. This one has fewer than 100,000 miles and appears showroom fresh. His other has many more.


1960 Daimler SP250 “Dart”


The Daimler SP250 was a rare car with only 2,654 made. It sold poorly and was more expensive to make than the contemporary Jaguar E-Type. It was powered by a 150 cubic inch Hemi V8. The shifter location was interesting from an ergonomic standpoint. It appears that one would need to reach under the dash to shift gears.

You know this is just the overflow lot, right…?  WHAT!?

Things got pretty rushed at this point, because where we had begun shooting turned out to not be the main display area, but the overflow lot. Luckily my wife overheard someone saying this, so we were able to capture some of the cars in the main area as well.

Classic and halo Ferraris on display

Allard K3


Hillman Imp


BMW’s 100th Anniversary


This display showed notable vehicles from BMW to celebrate their 100th anniversary. Vehicles included the M1, the E9 CSL”Batmobile”, new M4 GTS, and the “stars and stripes” M3 GTR. There was also a super rare 700RS, which you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram.

A photo posted by Bryce Womeldurf (@hoonart) on Mar 25, 2016 at 11:41am PDT


Pur Sang Bugatti Type 35 replica

Better than a kit car, this Type 35 built by the Argentinean company Pur Sang fooled me for a second into thinking it was the real thing. In some ways this is better, because it can be driver for far less money or risk while still looking and sounding just like the real thing.

To top it all off, this was the same day that I spotted Valentino Balboni driving a Miura on the street. He passed right by the bus line waiting to return us to the parking area.


Bonus Images

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Photos Copyright 2016 HoonArt/Bryce Womeldurf



  1. Thanks for including pictures of my ’91 Miata SE brg. After 31 years as a public school teacher in Emanuel County she’s all I can afford. How cool to see her get some recognition. My students at Swainsboro Middle School shared in my delight.

    1. Mark, that might be the cleanest NA Miata I’ve ever seen, or at least that I’ve seen since they were new. I was going to mention the year and mileage of your other Miata, but unfortunately I did not write that down. I’d be interested in adding that information. Also, I’ve recently launched a new site where this article is also posted, at http://hoonart.com/2016/04/looking-back-at-amelia-islands-cars-coffee/ My future posts will live on the new .com URL.

      1. My NA has 17K, my NB has 225K (daily commuter), my NC has 21K, and my ND has 0K (because unfortunately, it is in my dreams and not in my garage). Keep up the good work…your photography is 2nd to none!

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