About HoonArt:

HoonArt is a car blog devoted to automotive events, passion, and the love of driving, from the perspective of the east coast of the United States. Living in the sunshine state, our content mainly focuses on the local Florida scene. We are based in Tampa, Florida, within a large and vibrant import scene. California is the closest area in the United States to the land of the rising sun, but there are many areas to the east that we like to showcase as well in our own flavor of the small, cheap, fast, and fun. This was the basis for HoonArt from the beginning. We’ve also taken the opportunity to expand into featuring a curated aggregation of articles from all over the world that not only feature the cheap, fast, and fun, but also the nostalgic, the exotic, and the inspirational.


About the Author:

Self portrait with Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

Hello, my name is Bryce Womeldurf. Like many people, I have been into cars since my early teens. The original spark however, was lit much earlier than that, probably when I was a child, when I enjoyed riding in my dad’s Jeep CJ-7 and my mom’s S130 280ZX and Prelude Si. This all hit full obsession when, after reading various issues of HotRod and a few truck mags, I got ahold of an issue of MotorTrend with a Corvette ZL-1 from 1969. That got me so interested that I memorized and could recite many specifications from that car. This lead to memorizing all of the Corvette badges by year, up to that time (the early ’90s). From there, it was a regular diet of MotorTrend, which was eventually replaced with Sport Compact Car. SCC sadly closed in 2008, but today I get my fix from TopGear, Evo, Total911, DSPORT, good old MT, and car blogs such as Hooniverse and Jalopnik.

For nearly ten years, starting in the late ’90s, I worked as a parts sales associate at an auto parts chain store. During which time I got to see and be a part of the rise and fall of the sport compact movement in the import scene of the ’90s. I was so good at what I did, that I could tell you a tire’s size from a good 20 feet away, or look at an old warn out ignition coil and tell you roughly what it came out of and what part number to replace it with. After graduating from college with my BFA in Electronic Media, I worked in various jobs in photography, video, broadcast, printing, graphic and web design.

Today, in my day job I work as a Media Publishing Specialist, which entails photography, design, web, and video. At night and on the weekends, I travel to local and sometimes distant automotive-related events to shoot and write about the events and vividly present them here on my blog and on Hooniverse. I try to be as accurate in my reporting as possible. As much as I know about certain makes and models, it’s nearly impossible to be an expert on everything, so please forgive me if you happen to run across an error, and don’t be afraid to correct me. I allow re-blogging of most of my photographs as long as I’m credited.

In 2013, I started work on a new project car that I call “Roadster,” my 1995 Mazda MX-5 Miata. My previous project was “Lucky Thunder,” a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer ES with full coilovers, wheels, intake, exhaust, and what not. I have enjoyed attending and shooting so many shows and races the past few years that I wanted something of my own to drive to events in and to enjoy on an empty road. In 2015, I plan on taking Roadster out to take part in an autocross and learn a few things about dodging cones and driving the slow car fast.