From The Drive-Setting 3 Records on 3 Wheels in 1 Wonderfully Miserable Trip from LA to NY

Zach Bowman in the Morgan 3 WheelerThis is without a doubt the best thing I have read all week, so I decided to re-share it here. Today on The Drive Zach Bowman recounts in immersive and poetic detail how he and Alex Roy drove from Los Angeles to New York in a Morgan 3-Wheeler. In case you’re unfamiliar with the 3-Wheeler, it’s a 3-wheeled kit car with a wooden frame. A 3-wheeled kit car that’s as raw and fun as they come. This is equal parts hilarious, miserable, and awesome. Hat tip to Kamil Kaluski. Enjoy the read. (more…)



Jinba ittai: Horse and Rider (and Dog?) As One.

Kimi the Dachshund riding in the Miata
Text and photography by Bryce Womeldurf

When the original Mazda Miata was being designed, it was created with the idea of the “horse and rider being one” or “Jinba ittai” in Japanese, where the car was made around the premise that it would handle as though it were part of you. That idea has been pervaded up through the new 4th generation Miata, which will soon be offered in 2016. Last night, I decided to take a little joy ride in my NA Miata, as I often do in the evenings, but this time I decided to take my little dachshund, Kimi, with me to share in the top down experience (she’s named after our favorite F1 driver, Kimi Räikkönen). I moved her little doggy car seat from the Volkswagen to the Miata and strapped her in with her pink harness, and off we went. She was a little nervous at first, trying to figure out which way to face, but not long into the drive, she was perched up next to the door, trying to smell the air as we zoom zoomed through the back roads near home, sneezing as the wind went up her nose. I wonder, if we do this regularly, if she’ll learn the words “do you want to go for a drive, Kimi?”

[As a quick disclaimer, this photo was taken at low speeds while I had my eyes and attention on the road and with my hand on the wheel (which is why it’s a little blurry). I wanted to preserve the memory, so without looking at the screen, I took a few photos and this one came out well enough that I decided to share it. I was also very careful to have her strapped into her seat which straps to the passenger seat, so that she would be safe. If you’re going to take your dog with you, keep them safe.]

A Local Tour of Malibu Canyon

[This is a bit of an old article, from 2008, but I stumbled upon it weeks ago and have been wanting to re-share it on a Sunday ever since. It’s got a great map, planned by Jonny Lieberman (at one time a contributor to Hooniverse and now of MotorTrend) who happens to be a local to the area. If you’re in California on a Sunday, like today, I highly recommend you pick up the keys and go. I’ve driven on most of the roads described here and will hopefully get back there some day soon and this time will hopefully pack the Dramamine. I’m a flat lander, so I nearly got sick last time, but still loved it. What a drive! -Ed]

Re-shared from Autoblog, Text and Photography by Jonny Lieberman

When most Americans think of Malibu, they probably think of fires and landslides. And they’re correct — there’s lots of those. They might also know about the fantastic roads that crisscross the seaside city and the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area that separates the beach bum town of about 12,000 from the Valley. Like Mulholland Highway. But what most people fail to realize is how epically weird the area and its inhabitants are. Example: King Camp Gillette bought 588 acres right in the heart of today’s drive just before the Great Depression. Not only did Gillette invent the razor you shaved with this morning, but he believed that all Americans should live in a single city called Metropolis with power provided by Niagra Falls. No, really. Moreover, every corporation would be headed up and run by a single government official. After Teddy Roosevelt declined Gillette’s suggestion, King G moved to Malibu Canyon. When he died, Clarence Brown got the ranch, then Bob Hope took over the property and gave it over to the Catholic Church, which ran a seminary on the property for 25 years. This is before Elizabeth Claire Prophet got her hands on the land in 1978. Who? Her and her late husband founded one of the original crack-pot new age California religions, TSL. And this is just one plot of land. It gets better… (more…)

Driving Shoes For When You Don’t Want To Wear Driving Shoes

Converse All StarsRe-shared from Road & Track, Text and Photography by Chris Cantle.

Shoes come between you and your car. That’s unavoidable. Good ones feel like they don’t. Purpose-made driving shoes with all manner of pretense and peacockishness have attempted to fill that space, with varying results. For us though? We stick to a few proven shoes that’ll go wherever wherever our off-track inclinations take us, but never get in the way. (more…)

Speedhunters: Copperstate 1000: Rallying Your Classic Dream Cars

copperstate_1000_rally_2015_speedhunters_otis_blank_011-800x533Re-shared from Speedhunters,
Text and photography by Otis Blank

For the vintage and classic car fan, events like the Copperstate 1000 Rally feel like a once in a lifetime, top of the bucket list affair – yet it happens annually. Now in its 25th year, it’s essentially an endless stream of amazing cars, roads, and scenery broken up by excellent meals and accommodations. Sound great? It’s unbelievably great. (more…)

Mazda MX-5 Showdown

Video by Mazda Australia

This interesting “old versus new” comparison lap popped up on Mazda Australia’s Youtube page the other day, featuring a staged race between professional drivers in a 1990 Miata versus the new MX-5. I keep wondering how my 1995 or a 1994 model would compare, both having the slightly more powerful 1.8 liter engine, but with lower weight than the later NA or the NB. Or for that matter, how would an NB or NC favor against the ND. If only Best Motoring were still around, perhaps we’d know the answer.

Denise McCluggage Should Be Your Hero

Denise McCluggage piloting a Ferrari

Re-shared from Road & Track, text by Jason Cammisa, photo Getty + ISC Archives

[The great Denise McCluggage passed away on May 6, 2015. This article was originally posted January 20, 2015, on the occasion of her 88th birthday – The Eds]

Denise McCluggage turns 88 today. As my personal way of wishing her a happy birthday, I’ll tell you a story.

It’s the Streets of Willow Raceway, June of 2007. I’m here to drive a Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black Series. This is the first time I’m on a racetrack with other journalists. I expect to be the slowest of the bunch and I expect the AMG to be terrible. I am wrong on both counts. The Black Series is incredible—the first heavy modern car I’ve ever experienced go perfectly neutral at its limit. It refuses to understeer. It refuses to not be incredible. It refuses to refuse to do whatever you ask of it. I am in immediate love with the car, I’m pushing as hard as I can, and I’m passing everybody.

Almost everybody. There is one car out there driving at my pace, and I do everything I can to catch it. (more…)