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Articles relating to my personal cars, the Lancer and the Rabbit, as well as the possibility of the project cars of friends.

A Caturday of a Different Kind


Text and photography by Bryce Womeldurf

When we last left off with our little red friend, Roadster, the Miata, it had run for two years with a slightly rough idle surge that had suddenly gotten much worse to the point of stalling at the end of September. After weeks of research, I was convinced that I knew why it was stumbling to idle correctly and why power was down so significantly. The idle was rough and the car felt like it hit a head wind at 4000rpm where it would struggle to reach 5500rpm and would then refuse to go any higher. What seemed like choking, I reasoned, could only be caused by a clogged catalytic converter (“cat” for short). There were no apparent vacuum leaks, and the spark plugs and ignition wires were practically new, as was the timing belt, which I had installed only a few months prior. All of the inexpensive alternative solutions seemed to be ruled out, so it seemed that it could only be the cat. Being a little thin on cash when these symptoms appeared, I examined my options. The search for the right cat had begun.  (more…)


Project Miata: New Year, New Garage, New Challenges and Opportunities

Re-shared from Hooniverse
Text and Photography by Bryce Womeldurf

Do you ever miss an old friend who you haven’t spoken to in a long time? That’s how I’ve felt about my Miata for the past two months. Every time I drive that car, my hands have a wonderful chat with the steering wheel and shifter. I can’t help but smile as pedal meets floor. For weeks, we had a blast together flying across the Howard Frankland Bridge to St Petersburg, Florida, for Monday night classes; but then one night, my old friend developed a cough.  (more…)

Project Miata: Goodbye, devil hoses

Miata coolant hoses next to oil filter attachment point

Posted on Instagram by Bryce Womeldurf [“Goodbye #devilhoses. See you in another #20years. Well, see you next oil change. #Stayput #Miata #Miatalife #devilhose #NA #NA8 #jinbaittai #ivemendedsomething”]

Over the weekend, I worked through changing all of the coolant hoses in the Miata. I’m still buttoning up a few things. Tighten this, lubricate that. Stay tuned for a new post coming this week showing all of the work done.

Project Miata: Coolant Hoses Are A Go!

In case you missed it on my Twitter feed this morning, I finally lifted the car up carefully this morning to get it up to the full lift height of my jack stands, so that I can finally start changing the coolant hoses tonight. The reason it needed to go so high, for one, was to make it easier to get underneath the car, and two, to more easily fit a bucket under there to catch the dirty coolant. Stay tuned as I’ll have a full wrap up of the work that’s been going on here very soon.

Project Thunderbunny: Fixing An Unstable Idle

Volkswagen Rabbit ignition coilsText and Photography by Bryce Womeldurf

Over the past few weeks, our daily driver 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit, known as the Thunder Bunny, started developing a rough idle. Driving around town, it felt completely normal, but once you stopped at a red light, you could feel the engine misfiring, giving you a frustrating little kick every few seconds. This weekend, while trying to work on the Miata, the idle issue worsened and so I decided to first take a look under the hood. Luckily, before I’d even gotten under the hood, on the way to pick up some silicone spray and a coolant hose pick for the upcoming Miata coolant hose change, Thunderbunny finally threw a check engine light. (more…)

Project Miata Roars Back to Life

My 1995 Miata at golden hourRe-published from Hooniverse, text and photography by Bryce Womeldurf

There have been many ups and downs with this project and it’s great to say that we’re starting the year off back on an upswing. It took some work to get here but take a look after the jump you’ll see how far we’ve come.  (more…)

Project Miata Finally Makes Some Progress

Miata crank bolt being removedText and photography by Bryce Womeldurf

Since I had a little bit of time on Sunday and I wasn’t coughing too badly, I decided to get back to work on the Miata. Plus I like to drive around during the Superb Owl because no one is on the road and my wife had jury duty the next day, so getting it running would be a good thing. I first had to make a trip to Home Depot for a 4′ piece of pipe (for a cheater bar), and then again, for a corded drill and a center punch. Because screw you, cordless drill, you’re never charged when I need you! I put the Rennenmetal tool on the crank boss, gave the cheater bar some force, and all too easily got the crank bolt out at last!  (more…)