Alex Roy’s Morgan 3-Wheeler: So Wrong Yet So Right

Video by The Smoking Tire

This new video by Matt Farah from the Smoking Tire is probably filled with more laughter than any single One Take video we’ve seen from him so far. In the video, he takes Alex Roy’s Morgan 3-Wheeler up and down Angeles Crest Highway in one take (hence the name) giving his impressions of the Morgan along the way. As noted in the video, this car has a lot of drawbacks including the need for a helmet, it having exhaust pipes that can burn you, a huge lack of practicality, among many others. Despite all of this, Matt Farah says that it makes him feel like the Great Gatsby and that he thinks it’s the greatest car ever made. He can’t seem to say enough good things about it. Push play and let the laughter begin.


Emory Motorsports Custom Porsche 356s – Jay Leno’s Garage

Video by Jay Leno’s Garage

In this video, Jay checks out two of Emory Motorsports’ custom 356 Porsches. This is the shop which originated the term “outlaw Porsche.” Rod Emory goes through in detail what makes a Porsche an Emory Outlaw versus an Emory Special. Emory has taken various details from factory race cars of the past and applied them to street cars. There are a slew of subtle details that transform each car. Many are not immediately noticeable unless you’ve been studying vintage Porsches for some time. (more…)

“KMIATA” K24 – Swapped NB Miata – The Smoking Tire One Take

Video by The Smoking Tire

This is a bit of a different take on Matt Farah’s One Take series on The Smoking Tire. Instead of driving a tuned car on one of California’s scenic driving roads, he’s instead driving this “K-swapped” Mazda Miata on Gingerman Raceway, during the GRIDLIFE Motorsports & Music Festival. Known as a K-Miata, it’s had its factory Mazda BP 4-cylinder removed and replaced with a combination of Honda K24 (TSX engine) bottom end, with K20 head (from the RSX Type-S), providing the Miata with 250 naturally aspirated horsepower and a quite tall 8,200rpm redline.

Mazda RX-7: Turbo vs V8 – /TUNED

Re-shared from /DRIVE

The debate seems as old as time, that being whether it is better to build up the light yet sometimes maintenance-intensive rotary engine, or to swap it out for the cheap, reliable and more fuel efficient V8 power from a Corvette or Mustang. In this video, Matt Farah compares the sweet singing buzzy turbo rotary with one which has undergone the popular GM LS V8 swap. (more…)

Boosted or Natural: Supercharged NSX vs Modifed NA – /TUNED

Video by /DRIVE, Text by Bryce Womeldurf

This episode of /TUNED, aired last season on the /DRIVE+ channel, featuring a comparison between two friends’ approaches to tuning the NSX; one keeping things naturally aspirated and the other going with the approach of bolting on power, the supercharger. They both seem like very well sorted examples. If there’s one thing I would nit pick, it would be the conversion of the NA1 pop-ups to the later NA2 sealed beam headlamps. If it were me, I’d be more likely to go the other direction and convert the newer NA2 option back to pop-up headlights. Save the pop-ups!

Each approach seems to be a blast on track. The only correction to the video, which a friend noted, is that the NSX did not come with an Accord V6. The Accord did not have a V6 option when the NSX debuted and when it eventually did have a V6, it was a J-series engine rather than the NSX’s C-series engine. I really identify with the owner of the black NSX saying that he really just loves to drive it and that “you just wanna get in it, you just wanna turn the key, just want to drive it. It’s finally gotten to the point where it is reliable, ready to go, out of the box.” I have a similar attitude about my Miata lately since the hose change was completed and I can finally put some miles on it without worrying too much about anything breaking down or getting too hot. (more…)

1971 De Tomaso Pantera – Jay Leno’s Garage

Video by Jay Leno’s Garage

It’s fun to look back through some of Mr Leno’s past videos to see some of the lust-worthy rides he owns and has driven on his show, and that’s why I sometimes pick through some of the older stuff to feature it here on HoonArt. In this one from 2014, he shows off his beautiful De Tomaso Pantera. I’ve probably mentioned it on here before, but in case I didn’t, I grew up in the age of the Italian wedge-shaped supercars and this is a shining example of what could both be considered an Italian as well as American supercar. Designed and build in Italy by an American ex-patriot, it was powered by the American Ford 351 Cleveland engine. (more…)