3 series

Respect Your Elders – An E30 Documentary

Video by Owen Craft on Vimeo. Text by Bryce Womeldurf

At this year’s 12 Hours of Sebring, I noticed a very fitting sticker on the side of an E30 BMW 3-series that said “Respect Your Elders.” I didn’t know it at the time, but it was the title of a documentary about the E30 generation of the BMW 3-series coupe and sedan. Recently, I stumbled upon the film online and have it embedded it here. The film features historical perspectives on the cars as well as owner interviews and past and present racing footage. From the perspective of a Mazda Miata fan, the owner interviews make the E30 almost seems like a Pacific Northwest alternative to the Miata, for places that need a little more insulation from the elements. Or, to respect my elders, perhaps it is the Miata that is the warm weather alternative to the E30. Regardless, take a look at this insightful documentary. (more…)