Boosted or Natural: Supercharged NSX vs Modifed NA – /TUNED

Video by /DRIVE, Text by Bryce Womeldurf

This episode of /TUNED, aired last season on the /DRIVE+ channel, featuring a comparison between two friends’ approaches to tuning the NSX; one keeping things naturally aspirated and the other going with the approach of bolting on power, the supercharger. They both seem like very well sorted examples. If there’s one thing I would nit pick, it would be the conversion of the NA1 pop-ups to the later NA2 sealed beam headlamps. If it were me, I’d be more likely to go the other direction and convert the newer NA2 option back to pop-up headlights. Save the pop-ups!

Each approach seems to be a blast on track. The only correction to the video, which a friend noted, is that the NSX did not come with an Accord V6. The Accord did not have a V6 option when the NSX debuted and when it eventually did have a V6, it was a J-series engine rather than the NSX’s C-series engine. I really identify with the owner of the black NSX saying that he really just loves to drive it and that “you just wanna get in it, you just wanna turn the key, just want to drive it. It’s finally gotten to the point where it is reliable, ready to go, out of the box.” I have a similar attitude about my Miata lately since the hose change was completed and I can finally put some miles on it without worrying too much about anything breaking down or getting too hot. (more…)


Driving A Supercharged Zanardi Edition Acura NSX Was A Revelation

NSX Zanardi Edition
Re-shared from Jalopnik, text by Patrick George, photographs by Kurt Bradley

[Ed. note – I couldn’t help being reminded of the good old days of Sport Compact Car and Modified magazines while reading this review today, by Patrick George, of a 1-of-only-50 limited edition NSX. Not a bad group of magazines to be compared to. I unfortunately missed out on reporting the new NSX’s debut along with the surprise unveiling of the new Ford GT last month at NAIAS, while I was stuck in bed with a cold, but I think Patrick hits it right on the head at the end. I won’t spoil it for you.]

I have finally figured out what the new turbocharged, hybrid, all-wheel drive, 550 horsepower 2016 Acura NSX will really compete against: the original NSX. Not in sales, mind you, but in expectations. There is no way the new NSX will escape comparison with its famous father. (more…)

November 2011 Cars & Coffee duPont REGISTRY at Innisbrook

On the pre-Thanksgiving weekend, I got to go to not just one, but two events, this being the first. The duPont REGISTRY Cars & Coffee event for last month was held outside of the registry at Innisbrook Golf and Country Club, which provided a pleasant green backdrop for this new set of photos. The big draw for this event was the first Mercedes Benz SLS AMG convertible on U.S. shores, but I was quickly distracted by some classic Mopar racecars and the new Ferrari 458s that were in attendance.

June 2011 Cars & Coffee at duPont REGISTRY

I’m finally getting around to posting last month’s Cars & Coffee event from three weeks back. Things got derailed a bit when, the day after attending this and an Evo meet at S&R Performance (post on that to come), I woke up with a bad case of what my wife thinks was heat exhaustion. No more 2 event weekends without carrying some water.

Anyways, on this outing to Cars & Coffee, I arrived 20 minutes later than last time (made a wrong turn and had to go over the bridge twice), and had to park outside the event, more over towards the exotics. As a result, this time I’ve got many more photos of the high end rides for you to see after the jump.


Straight Stance: Low Low Flush Show V.1

To quote the title of the old Monty Python spinoff, “and now for something completely different.” As I mentioned previously, a few weeks back when I went to Cars & Coffee at duPont REGISTRY, there was a stance car show the very same day, just a few hours later. This isn’t the typical performance-focused content that I feature, but this was the first meet of this particular title/series, so I decided to check it out. (more…)

May 2011 Cars & Coffee at duPont REGISTRY

I was so excited about Cars & Coffee that on Friday night, like a kid about to go to Disney World, I couldn’t sleep. At 6AM, I went out and got the biggest can of Monster that they sell and a quick bite to eat. The main thing I’d been excited to see was Lamborghinis, but from what you see here in this opening image of the Ultima GTR, there were Lambos and so many other cars to get excited about, that I’d only previously seen in magazines. Here are the best of what I shot.