Alex Roy’s Morgan 3-Wheeler: So Wrong Yet So Right

Video by The Smoking Tire

This new video by Matt Farah from the Smoking Tire is probably filled with more laughter than any single One Take video we’ve seen from him so far. In the video, he takes Alex Roy’s Morgan 3-Wheeler up and down Angeles Crest Highway in one take (hence the name) giving his impressions of the Morgan along the way. As noted in the video, this car has a lot of drawbacks including the need for a helmet, it having exhaust pipes that can burn you, a huge lack of practicality, among many others. Despite all of this, Matt Farah says that it makes him feel like the Great Gatsby and that he thinks it’s the greatest car ever made. He can’t seem to say enough good things about it. Push play and let the laughter begin.


Emory Motorsports Custom Porsche 356s – Jay Leno’s Garage

Video by Jay Leno’s Garage

In this video, Jay checks out two of Emory Motorsports’ custom 356 Porsches. This is the shop which originated the term “outlaw Porsche.” Rod Emory goes through in detail what makes a Porsche an Emory Outlaw versus an Emory Special. Emory has taken various details from factory race cars of the past and applied them to street cars. There are a slew of subtle details that transform each car. Many are not immediately noticeable unless you’ve been studying vintage Porsches for some time. (more…)

A Local Tour of Malibu Canyon

[This is a bit of an old article, from 2008, but I stumbled upon it weeks ago and have been wanting to re-share it on a Sunday ever since. It’s got a great map, planned by Jonny Lieberman (at one time a contributor to Hooniverse and now of MotorTrend) who happens to be a local to the area. If you’re in California on a Sunday, like today, I highly recommend you pick up the keys and go. I’ve driven on most of the roads described here and will hopefully get back there some day soon and this time will hopefully pack the Dramamine. I’m a flat lander, so I nearly got sick last time, but still loved it. What a drive! -Ed]

Re-shared from Autoblog, Text and Photography by Jonny Lieberman

When most Americans think of Malibu, they probably think of fires and landslides. And they’re correct — there’s lots of those. They might also know about the fantastic roads that crisscross the seaside city and the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area that separates the beach bum town of about 12,000 from the Valley. Like Mulholland Highway. But what most people fail to realize is how epically weird the area and its inhabitants are. Example: King Camp Gillette bought 588 acres right in the heart of today’s drive just before the Great Depression. Not only did Gillette invent the razor you shaved with this morning, but he believed that all Americans should live in a single city called Metropolis with power provided by Niagra Falls. No, really. Moreover, every corporation would be headed up and run by a single government official. After Teddy Roosevelt declined Gillette’s suggestion, King G moved to Malibu Canyon. When he died, Clarence Brown got the ranch, then Bob Hope took over the property and gave it over to the Catholic Church, which ran a seminary on the property for 25 years. This is before Elizabeth Claire Prophet got her hands on the land in 1978. Who? Her and her late husband founded one of the original crack-pot new age California religions, TSL. And this is just one plot of land. It gets better… (more…)

1971 De Tomaso Pantera – Jay Leno’s Garage

Video by Jay Leno’s Garage

It’s fun to look back through some of Mr Leno’s past videos to see some of the lust-worthy rides he owns and has driven on his show, and that’s why I sometimes pick through some of the older stuff to feature it here on HoonArt. In this one from 2014, he shows off his beautiful De Tomaso Pantera. I’ve probably mentioned it on here before, but in case I didn’t, I grew up in the age of the Italian wedge-shaped supercars and this is a shining example of what could both be considered an Italian as well as American supercar. Designed and build in Italy by an American ex-patriot, it was powered by the American Ford 351 Cleveland engine. (more…)

Ferrari F430 Manual – (Stunt Rd.) One Take

Video by The Smoking Tire

Matt Farah’s “One Take” reviews are always fun to watch. In this video series, he drives a viewer’s car and does a review video of it in one take. Sometimes these are modified cars, sometimes not. This particular review caught my eye, because it features both a road and a car which I’ve driven in the past, although granted it was at different times in my case. The time I drove Stunt Road was in a 3/4 ton Cummins turbo diesel-powered Ram pickup truck. Not exactly a Ferrari F430, but it was equipped with a manual, and that, along with the “go anywhere” suspension and frequent altitude changes, kept things interesting. But enough of my rambling and reminiscing, check out this outstanding combination of one of the last manual transmission-equipped Ferraris with one of California’s wonderful driving roads. (more…)

Looking Back at California 2013

Text and photography by Bryce Womeldurf

It’s been a little over a year since my first press trip out to California, a trip that I still think about every day. Recently I’ve been going through some of the extra photos taken out there that weren’t part of my reviews on Hooniverse. Taking a look back today for Throwback Thursday, I’d like to share some of the sights and fond memories of that trip here after the jump.


The Sound of Magnus Walker’s Air Cooled 911 is Intoxicating

Video by Roads & Rides

This new video, titled Outlaw Fever, popped up a few days ago on Youtube channel Roads & Rides and I keep coming back to watch it again and again and again. That’s highly unusual for me so I knew this was something special that needed to be shared. I’m telling you do not skip forward through this one. The sound is just intoxicating. Turn it up!