Driving Nostalgia At Touge California

Nissan Z and Bluebird 510sRe-shared from Jalopnik, Text by Blake Z. Rong.

Old Japanese cars carving the canyons? Sign me up. I’m so stoked for the Touge California and I wasn’t even there. However, my buddy Blake Z. Rong was there for this new road rally and has a new article about the event today on Jalopnik. Check out the article after the jump, where he examines the origin of Touge California and features some of the cars that showed up for the event.  (more…)


Fairlady 240Z-L Survivor Chases the Blues Away

Nissan 240Z-LRe-shared from Petrolicious,
Photography by Courtney Cutchen,
Text by Glenn Chiou

I was a typical kid who grew up with a Lamborghini Countach model on my bookshelf and Porsche Turbo poster on my wall. The early 2000s began the era of the Fast and the Furious, where every kid dreamed of owning a Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7, or any other Japanese street racer.

I wish I could say I grew up learning how to wrench for my father, but in reality it was very much a self-taught skill. I began my petrolhead ways tinkering with a number of cars. However, a few years in, I began to losing interest in working on modern cars. I found little satisfaction from driving my completed projects and yearned for something more pure.

This is when the Datsun 240Z came into my life. A straight-six motor, overhead cam, dual side-draft carburetors, lightweight chassis, and a winning race history made up the “personal” GT car. For me, it was perfection.

Fast forward half a decade and half a dozen Z cars later, I now own the car I spent more than decade to find. (more…)

Car-lovers mourn Yutaka Katayama, father of the classic ‘Z’ sports line

Datsun 240Z that I spotted back in 2012.Reshared from PRI’s The World

[Ed. note – I wanted to share this smaller report as well about Mr K, that I heard on PRI’s The World, due to the personal details mentioned. I also decided to use one of my own photos for the lead image on this reshare. The loss of the father of the Z is a personal one in that an early Z-car, my mother’s 280ZX, was a large part of what started me in having an interested in cars when I was a child. The loss of the man who brought us the affordable sports car is a great one. The world needs more Mr K’s.]

Diehard fans of the “240-Z” know that you can’t think of this sports car without thinking of Yutaka Katayama. Or the “father of the Z,” as he was known to Datsun and Nissan fans. (more…)

RIP Yutaka “Mr K” Katayama, 1909-2015

Mr K next to the original Z car
Re-shared from Japanese Nostalgic Car, text by Ben Hsu

Yutaka Katayama, beloved former Nissan executive and noted sports car enthusiast, passed away Thursday at the age of 105. Known as “Mr K” and respected and adored by legions of Nissan owners, Katayama was responsible for many of the early successes of Nissan, as well as some of the pivotal events in the Japanese auto industry at large, but above all he was one of us, a car enthusiast. (more…)

Down on the Street: 240Z JDM Muscle Edition

I ran across this old Datsun 240Z recently, on the way to dinner after my sister in law’s graduation. Datsun was the original name for the Japanese car company now known as Nissan. Today, Nissan makes a sports car you may have heard of, called the 370Z, and this 240Z is the ancestor of the 370Z, the original Z car. This particular example, while clean looking for a car of around 40 years old, has had some muscle car touches, hence my title of JDM muscle.


November 2011 Cars & Coffee duPont REGISTRY at Innisbrook

On the pre-Thanksgiving weekend, I got to go to not just one, but two events, this being the first. The duPont REGISTRY Cars & Coffee event for last month was held outside of the registry at Innisbrook Golf and Country Club, which provided a pleasant green backdrop for this new set of photos. The big draw for this event was the first Mercedes Benz SLS AMG convertible on U.S. shores, but I was quickly distracted by some classic Mopar racecars and the new Ferrari 458s that were in attendance.

May 2011 Cars & Coffee at duPont REGISTRY

I was so excited about Cars & Coffee that on Friday night, like a kid about to go to Disney World, I couldn’t sleep. At 6AM, I went out and got the biggest can of Monster that they sell and a quick bite to eat. The main thing I’d been excited to see was Lamborghinis, but from what you see here in this opening image of the Ultima GTR, there were Lambos and so many other cars to get excited about, that I’d only previously seen in magazines. Here are the best of what I shot.