When it comes to Miata horsepower, 155 is enough


Re-shared from Road & Track, text by Jack Baruth, images by Mazda

“Can’t we have one car on the market that isn’t too fast for its own good?”

[Ed. note – Jack Baruth makes a great comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of today’s autos, with how all of the power available today has its consequences, and how the new upcoming Miata breaks away from that to offer something different.]

Okay, I admit it. When I heard the official horsepower number for the US-market variant of the next-generation MX-5—and that number is 155, in case you’ve been crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat during the last few days—my first reaction was that kind of deflation you get when a pawnshop owner tells you what he’s actually willing to pay for your “luxury” watch. Oof. That’s not a lot. I thought it would be more. Hoped it would be more. Oof. And that reaction came after I’d thoroughly enjoyed myself for two hours behind the wheel of a Miata with 24 fewer horsepower than we’ll get in the States. (more…)