Watch the Fight to the Finish of the 2015 Indy 500

Video by David Land

In case you missed last weekend’s Indy 500, here is a replay of the last few minutes of it. I was live tweeting while watching it on TV, and the lead changes were happening so fast that I actually could not finish typing a tweet before the lead would change two or three times. It was incredibly exciting. By now it’s probably not a spoiler to mention that Juan Pablo Montoya won the race, this being the second Indy500 win of his career. It was truly a fight to the finish.


2013 Honda Grand Prix of St Petersburg

It is always exciting this time of year when the Honda Grand Prix takes over the streets of St Pete, but this year was especially thrilling, because I got to shoot as part of the photographer pool for the Grand Prix. This was closer than I’ve ever gotten to see the track, the drivers, the pit lane, and well… everything!

Honda Grand Prix track construction

Early on Friday morning, I attended the beginning of the construction of the street course that is annually built on the streets of St Pete for the Honda Grand Prix.

These massive wall pieces weight 12,000 pounds each! They will make up the safety wall of the track. The track is put together piece by piece, with interlocking parts almost like a very large set of Legos. (more…)

2012: Honda Grand Prix of St Petersburg: IndyCars

In previous years, I’ve typically taken more interest in the World Challenge races at Honda Grand Prix, but this year the excitement and the drama was in the IndyCar races (imagine that!). With a whole new set of cars, which had been developed with the help of the late Dan Wheldon, the races were anything but predictable. (more…)

May 2011 Cars & Coffee at duPont REGISTRY

I was so excited about Cars & Coffee that on Friday night, like a kid about to go to Disney World, I couldn’t sleep. At 6AM, I went out and got the biggest can of Monster that they sell and a quick bite to eat. The main thing I’d been excited to see was Lamborghinis, but from what you see here in this opening image of the Ultima GTR, there were Lambos and so many other cars to get excited about, that I’d only previously seen in magazines. Here are the best of what I shot.

Honda Grand Prix of St. Pete 2011, Simply Amazing!

Dario FranchittiHello all,
I’m back from a bit of a break that wasn’t really a break. I’ve been shooting like crazy over the past two weekends with my new Nikkon D90. One weekend, two weekends ago, I went to a meet of Lancer Evolution owners who are members of, a Lancer Evo community that I’ve been a part of since 2005. The other, the weekend before last, was this great adventure of my second attending of the Honda Grand Prix of St Petersburg, Florida. I’ve only slept for about four hours per night, for four nights in a row, editing these photos to bring them to you here and on Flickr. I was elated to get five hours last night before getting back up at midnight to finalize it all. Enough about sleep, on to the Grand Prix. (more…)