800hp Time Attack Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) Wacky Mate

Video by GT Channel

Despite the current R35 Nissan GTR being a bit long in the tooth these days, nearing the end of it’s production cycle, it’s nice to see that people are still modifying the R32 GT-R for time attack competition. This R32 was built to break the lap record at Suzuka Circuit. The builder, Sakakibara, of tuning house Wacky Mate, claims an estimate of 800hp from the stroked 2.8 liter straight-six engine.


Honda Grand Prix of St. Pete 2011, Simply Amazing!

Dario FranchittiHello all,
I’m back from a bit of a break that wasn’t really a break. I’ve been shooting like crazy over the past two weekends with my new Nikkon D90. One weekend, two weekends ago, I went to a meet of Lancer Evolution owners who are members of Evolutionm.net, a Lancer Evo community that I’ve been a part of since 2005. The other, the weekend before last, was this great adventure of my second attending of the Honda Grand Prix of St Petersburg, Florida. I’ve only slept for about four hours per night, for four nights in a row, editing these photos to bring them to you here and on Flickr. I was elated to get five hours last night before getting back up at midnight to finalize it all. Enough about sleep, on to the Grand Prix. (more…)

8.9 Scale Earthquake Hits Japan Followed by 23 Foot Tsunami

The largest earthquake to ever hit Japan since record keeping began in 1900 happened early this morning. It was followed by a 23 foot tsunami that swept away villages and so far killed 200-300 people. The tsunami was supposed to hit Hawaii at 8AM EST, about an hour and 45 minutes ago. It was to hit the big island, where a friend of mine is, about an hour ago. I haven’t heard anything yet of the damage and I’m actually worried enough that I’m having a hard time typing this. This friend may be related to me, we’re not sure. It’s a long story and perhaps I’ll share it on here some time. Right now I’m just concerned about him as well as the people in Japan and Hawaii. My thoughts and hopes go out to them.

D1GP 10 Years Book/DVD Unboxed!

D1GP DVD/book comboI bought a book/DVD set from Adam of 7tune.com a few weeks back. There are probably still some available, but I was lucky enough to snag the last one that came with free 7tune stickers! The book/DVD set is a retrospective of the first ten years of D1GP, which unfortunately, can now also be called the Inada and Tsuchiya-involved years, with them moving on this year to form a new drifting series, more similar to the D1 street legal battles. The set arrived here in the mail this week, from Japan. Here, I take you through the unpacking of it all. (more…)