The Japanese Lotus

bsk-elise-k20-08-1200x800Re-shared from Speedhunters,
Text and photography by Dino Dalle Carbonare

Before I started taking a real interest in the Lotus scene here in Japan, I assumed that owners didn’t really do much with the popular Elise and more extreme Exige models. They both are, of course, rather well-sorted and involving packages from the factory, so aside from a wheel change and a few little carbon additions, what else would you want to do? Oh, how wrong I was (more…)


JDM Madness at The Petersen

Toyota Soarer coupeRe-shared from Kinja,
Text and photography by Blake Z. Rong.

This weekend, the Petersen Automotive Museum—reopens December 1st!—turned Japanese with an all-Nippon cruise-in. It was an event long overdue, and certainly welcomed. They put the word out to Facebook, Twitter, smoke signals, mirrors off the moon, etc. And then, over 500 cars showed up. (more…)

VSR Motorsports Grand Opening

One of my favorite local speed shops, S&R Performance, merged with Vortex Motorsport recently and on Saturday night my wife and I attended the massive grand opening of their new shop, VSR Motorsports. (more…)

The Virtual JDM


It’s been a busy month both virtually and realistically speaking. I’ve still got those supercar photos to post, some down on the street, and other things to post. I’ve been helping some friends start a beer blog, some good old fashioned procrastination, ported some Singer 911 replicas over from Forza 3 to Forza 4, and made this, a Forza 4 replica of the Stella Artois Porsche, customized by JDM speed shop Rauh Welt Begriff. I was spurred on to post about it, when recently a long time favorite blog of mine, 7Tune, posted a Forza photo of mine on their Facebook wall, featuring their 7 dot and then again today with this RWB Stella Artois image that they also found on my Flickr. I was excited (to say the least) the first time they found me and decided today that I had to share this.


Down on the Street: 240Z JDM Muscle Edition

I ran across this old Datsun 240Z recently, on the way to dinner after my sister in law’s graduation. Datsun was the original name for the Japanese car company now known as Nissan. Today, Nissan makes a sports car you may have heard of, called the 370Z, and this 240Z is the ancestor of the 370Z, the original Z car. This particular example, while clean looking for a car of around 40 years old, has had some muscle car touches, hence my title of JDM muscle.


June 2011 Barbeque at S&R Performance

A few years back, I bought a brand new GReddy Ti-C cat back exhaust for my Mitsubishi Lancer. The day it arrived, I was under the car, removing the sway bar, removing rusty bolts, getting rid of the raspy factory exhaust. And then, when I got it all lined up and bolted back together, I went to reinstall the Progress sway bar, and it wouldn’t fit! This was the first time I ever modified a car to such a level (it was a base model and didn’t have a sway bar from the factory) that parts were discovered to be non-compatible with one another. I drove it without the bar for six months or so, loving the exhaust note and the new lack of hesitation in the upper rev range, but hating the loss of cornering ability. This was when I first heard on Evom about S&R Performance, a shop in Tampa, FL. (more…)