October Cars and Coffee at Ferrari Tampa Bay

To celebrate Ferrari Friday, here are some images of mine from last weekend’s Cars and Coffee at Ferrari Tampa Bay. This is a Ferrari dealership in Palm Harbor, Florida which I’ve driven past many times over the years but haven’t been inside of, until now. (more…)

November 2012: Cars & Cigars

Tonight, I ran across a fellow Jalop (commenter on Jalopnik, for the uninitiated), by the name of Jackson, on Google+ and I remembered that he and I live in the same town. Not only that, he attends the university that I work for. This afternoon, I found out that he was going to this meet at the local Jaaaaag dealership tonight, and I decided to come along. (more…)

Behold, the Art of the Hoon

Hoon Art is an automotive enthusiast blog devoted to the largely populated, but often ignored East Coast of the United States. This blog begins small, with just myself putting this together with some help from my wife. I will mainly begin with a focus on my local Florida scene. We are based in Tampa, within a large scene of Subarus, as well as some Nissans, Hondas, and Mitsubishis. California may be the closest area in the states to the land of the rising sun, but there are some areas on this side of the country that I feel I’d like to showcase in our own flavors of the small, cheap, fast and sideways. This…will be the Art of the Hoon: HoonArt