Tampa Bay Miatas Wednesday Night Meet – BBQ and Bayshore Edition

Text and Photography by Bryce Womeldurf

With my Miata having been broken since the end of last September, I hadn’t made it out to a single meet since last year. With that finally sorted out thanks to Maztech, I attended a meet on Wednesday. Hosted by Tampa Bay Miatas and Spinnywhoosh Graphics, this was a “BBQ and Bayshore” meet at Kojak’s House of Ribs with a cruise down South Tampa’s Bayshore Blvd and ending on Davis Island. This was the kick-off event of 2016 for regularly scheduled meets with the bay area’s Miata enthusiasts.


On the way to the meet, I spotted this man and his dog riding in a Lotus 7 replica. I love seeing things like this on the street. It’s safe to say that it’s Chevy powered, with the “SS” badging on the back.

I was a little bit nervous on the way over, because I hadn’t driven the car much for any long distances lately and I’d lost a little bit of smoothness with my shifting. But I made it over there okay.

2016-03-16_TBMiatasBBQandBayshore_01After dinner I took some quick photos in the parking lot and we headed out onto Bayshore Blvd and over to Davis Island.

2016-03-16_TBMiatasBBQandBayshore_03There was a pretty good showing of about 15 or so cars with all four generations of Miata present.

2016-03-16_TBMiatasBBQandBayshore_06Heading over to Davis Island on Bayshore Blvd.

On Davis Island, everyone lined up and parked. Unfortunately we had just missed the sunset. Luckily, I’d brought my tripod so I was able to get some photographs as the sun disappeared behind the bay. Even without the sun, the sky still provided a nice colorful backdrop.

After talking cars and giving some advice on Miata buying to one of the guys, I headed home and had a nice blast down the freeway for the first time since late September. And in that drive, I got my groove back shift smoothness back. All in all, it was a good meet. Made some new friends, drove to redline a few times. I can’t wait to do it again.


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