I took on the fastest man on the Dragon with a 458 Speciale

From Hollis Bennet at Road & Track

The unmistakable pops and raps of a Mazda rotary interrupt the whip-poor-will’s haunting call. It’s past dusk on a sticky June day, and across the valley, the fleeting light outlines the mountain. The road over there is a half-mile away, cut into the hillside, hidden by a lush coating of sugar maples and hemlocks. > Except for the unseen whip-poor-will and an army of chirping crickets, I’m alone, standing on the same road. A few hours ago, this section of U.S. Route 129, alternately known as the Tail of the Dragon (or simply the Dragon), was clogged with Harleys and gawking tourists. But now it’s empty, to the wildlife and the man in the Mazda. > His headlights break through the trees every few seconds. He’s driving hard, big downshift blips, each upshift coming at what sounds like redline. I’m listening for a mistake, a break in the engine’s sweep or the screech of a sliding tire, hoping he’s not as good as the locals claim. > After all, I came here to beat him. Read More…

101 Photos of the Largest Miata Meet in History

Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

From Danny Cruz at RallyWays

This is the mecca of events for Miata enthusiasts in North America. Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca – an event that has been happening in some way or another at the same race track since the 1st anniversary of the original Miata back in the early 90’s. Read More…


Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for, the reveal of not only the 2016 Mazda Miata but also the new ND body style and all of the technical innovations that will come from that. The main things that I think Mazda has to get right for this to continue being the greatest selling sports car of all time include the preservation of Jinba Ittai (person [and] horse [as] one body) as getting the weight down, which has increased with every subsequent generation, keep it fun and keep it simple. They’ve had a great thing going for the past quarter century with this car. It’s had to have been tricky keeping cost balanced with performance while meeting customer’s expectations, new and old. But I’m sure Mazda is up to the task. (more…)

The 2004 Pontiac GTO: a 1500lb gorilla in boardshorts and Wayfarers

2014 Pontiac GTO

[From my friend Mat Lowenstein comes a review of our friend Kale Golden's 2004 Pontiac GTO. This was shared privately and has some rough language, but I got such a kick out of it that I asked to publish it here with their permissions. -Ed.]

What follows is a list of similes to help describe what it’s like to go from a 125hp (when new) turbodiesel to a 350hp pushrod V8.

The world’s biggest rubberband has been wrapped around the Earth 6 times and is now attached to your ass.

A pack of terrordogs lives in the muffler and in-gear deceleration makes them insane.

Violence, violence everywhere, all the time, in your ears and beneath your cockles.

This is how Arnold Schwarzenegger strengthens his neck muscles.

Project Car SOTU: The ’95 Mazda Miata

From my Project Car State of the Union post on Hooniverse:

Things have been looking up for “Roadster” since the setback with the oil cooler last year. With reliability now in check, safety has been more of a focus since the last update. With the head gasket replacement right after purchase last year, much of this was delayed but now it’s getting close to where it otherwise would have been at this time last year. (more…)

Long Live The Roadster, ND Miata to Unveil Soon

This morning, Mazda USA tweeted this short video announcing that they will be unveiling the new 2016 ND generation Mazda MX-5 Miata on September 3rd! There also sound like what could be forced induction, so turbo is a possibility as well.